No refugee has an automatic right to return after wars

International law does not obligate/recognize the legal right of Palestinian refugees to settle in Israeli territory.

Jews who were thrown out of the Muslim World were only welcomed into the state of Israel. Here a fresh homecoming.

A close examination of General Assembly Resolution 194 (III) from 1948, as well as later ones, reveals that these resolutions do not grant Palestinian refugees the right of return to Israeli territory.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 also does not obligate Israel to allow the entrance of Palestinian refugees who were never Israeli citizens or residents.

International citizenship law, refugee law, humanitarian law, and international criminal law do not place any obligation on Israel to admit Palestinian refugees, or grant them citizenship.

A new ruling by the European Court of Human Rights rejected claims of Greek refugees exiled from northern Cyprus in 1974 that they should be allowed to resettle in their homes.

Ruth Gavison, an Israel Prize winner and law professor, is president of the Metzilah Center for Zionist, Jewish, Liberal and Humanist Thought. Yaffa Zilbershats, an authority on international and constitutional law, is deputy president of Bar-Ilan University. Nimra Goren-Amitai is a research scholar at Bar-Ilan.

While there should be an end to the suffering of the Palestinian refugees, large-scale return to Israel of a population so different from the Jewish population culturally and socially, and harboring memories of the “disaster” and claims that justice requires a full return, is not the right solution. It might not be best for the refugees, and it certainly is not the way to achieve regional stability.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

When the state of Israel was formed, five Arab nations tried to destroy the Jewish state from the very first day of its existence.

War is always a crime. There are always a lot of victim’s who will loose their rights, and the new reality is not reversible. In the years after the Israeli war of independence,900.000 Jews were forced to leave all the Muslim nations in the Middle East.

By flushing the new and weak Jewish state with almost a million refugees, the Islamic nations were sure this burden would break the neck of Israel.

The Jews were expelled into Israel empty handed. Their properties across the Muslim World were confiscated, and resold to Muslims.

How will it be possible for the Jews to return to these homes?

Can this event in time, be revoked?

If the Jews, who has won all the wars for Israel’s survival, has lost all their land and properties in their place or origin:  How come the loosing Arabs can claim such compensations?

It is simply an unethical demand. Since the Arabs created their own refugee problem, they are entitled to solve it. There are 22 Muslim nations in North Africa and Arabia, and plenty of space.

Written by Ivar

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