8 passenger’s on French cabin cruiser bid to “liberate Gaza”

Israeli custom police prepare for French yacht ‘Dignity’ on their way to Gaza with 8 passengers.

"Viva Gaza". Men filled with French red wine and memories of the French and Iranian revolutions.

The Israel Navy is prepared to stop a French vessel that set sail from near Greece on Tuesday and that is believed to be heading to the Gaza Strip in an effort to break an Israel-imposed sea blockade, said government officials.

On Tuesday afternoon, organizers announced that the small French yacht named Dignity had left waters near Greece with eight passengers on board en-route to Gaza.

Government officials said that the navy was under orders to stop any vessel that tried to break the blockade. They also said that the navy was prepared for a wide range of scenarios, including the possibility that the passengers on the ship plan to resist the navy’s takeover of the vessel.

Meanwhile Tuesday, John Klusmire, the captain of the US-flagged ship Audacity of Hope who was arrested last week for trying to sail to Gaza, was released from custody.

“He is released; there is no charge against him. He is free to go,” Adam Shapiro, one of the organizers of the Free Gaza Movement said. “Our destination remains the freedom of the Palestinian people.”

The flotilla, carrying about 350 passengers, was supposed to be taking tens of thousands of dollars of medicines, food, gifts and building materials to Gaza.

But the chances of any of the ships arriving in Gaza were increasingly remote due to the vigilance of the Greek coast guard and the rigid enforcement of the government’s ban.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Media circus bound for Gaza is not over. Socialist politicians and Islamic Jihad soldiers have been able to set sail in a small Cabin Cruiser.

To try to “liberate” Gaza with a French cabin cruiser shows the lever of insanity that rule in this “peace movement”.  The red wine they have consumed, have surely done them no good.

Written by Ivar

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