Holland: United Europe stand divided on Israel

Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal tells Abbas the Dutch government rejects Palestinian initiative of UN recognition.

The Foreign Minister of Holland Uri Rosenthal takes a pro-Israel stand.

The Dutch government rejected a Palestinian initiative Thursday to seek U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal to seek support for the plan to seek statehood at the U.N. General Assembly in September. Abbas knows that membership of a new state must be endorsed by the Security Council, where it could be vetoed by the U.S. and others.

Rosenthal bluntly rejected the idea of the Palestinian initiative going to the General Assembly. “No, it will not be supported by the Netherlands,” Rosenthal told reporters.

Instead, Rosenthal called for a resumption of “direct negotiations, right now” between Israel and the Palestinians.

However, key member states already appear divided. France has said it will support Palestinian statehood if negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians do not restart by September. But countries like Germany or Italy — and now the Netherlands — are likely to oppose any such resolution.

Source: Yahoo.news com

My comment:

The European Union do not speak with one voice. Not yet.

Men like Tony Blair works for a EU that will speak with one voice. Than small Holland will loose its voice as an independent European Nation. In fact: Holland will cease to be a nation.

The emerging United States of Europe (USE) will not support Israel. The USE will side with Islam, and put pressure on Israel to end Zionism.

Israel will find them it self totally alone. All nations will rise against her. The Jewish people will eventually enter into a compromise, that will compromise the security of  Zion.

But behold: Jesus the Messiah will come back and save Israel, when all pagans and Jewish traitors are putting the Jewish nation on the brink of the final Holocaust.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Holland: United Europe stand divided on Israel

  1. Holland will cease to be a nation? The emerging USE? Jesus will return and punish Jewish traitors? I find this all quite disturbing. And being Dutch myself I can assure you that Holland will continue being a nation for a long time to come.

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