Pope saved by Mussolini backed Nazi-Germany

Pope Pius XII would not have been «pope», if Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini had not brought the Papal system back to Rome after 59 years in exile.


Cardinal Pacelli (seated, center, later Pope Pius XII) at the signing of the Reichskonkordat on 20 July 1933 in Rome with (from left to right): German prelate Ludwig Kaas, German Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, Secretary of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs Giuseppe Pizzardo, Alfredo Ottaviani, and Reich minister Rudolf Buttmann.

Pope Benedict XVI has moved Pope Pius XII closer to Catholic sainthood. The World War II pontiff has been criticized for not doing enough to stop the Holocaust. Even if the Pope was silent during the Holocaust, as a Cardinal he was more than active in deal making with the Fascists in Italy and Nazis in Germany.

What is the claimed authority of the Pope of Rome?

The Pontiff in Rome claims to be the successor to the Apostle Peter, who the Roman Catholic Church claim was the first Bishop of Rome. The popes claims to sit in the authoritative seat of Peter. Its called «Apostolic succession».


The present Pope pray at the memorial of Pope Pius XII in the Vatican.

Few people are aware that this «Apostolic succession» was broken for 59 years.

There was no Catholic Bishop in Rome in the years from 1870 to 1929. The Pope had been ousted from Rome and sent in internal exile to Castle of Gaeta, 120 kilometer south of Rome.

How could God permit this to happen to His «infallible Pope»?

The reason for the ousting was people being sick and tired of the papal tyranny. The Pope was not banished from «The Holy city of Rome» by a dictator or sulky King. He was told to leave in 1870 by a referendum in the city, a popular vote that eventually resulted in the revocation of Roman Catholicism as state religion in Italy.

The Pope was sent in exile to this castle in 1870. He did not return to Rome before 1929.

So, how did the Pope manage to get back into Rome 59 years after He was forced out of the city?

The Pope was saved by the Fascists.

The savior of the Pope was Benito Mussolini. He came to power by violence, following the «March on Rome» in 1922. As late as 1927, Mussolini was baptized by a Catholic priest. This was done to silence Catholic opposition to the planned deal of making peace with Fascism in exchange for the Vatican state in 1929.

The dictator chose the Roman Catholic Church as his partner. In exchange for establishment of the Vatican statehood in 1929, the Pope promised to support Mussolini. Roman Catholicism was reinforced as the state religion in Rome and Italy.

What was Pope Pius XII relationship with the Fascist dictator?

Before he became Pope his name was Cardinal Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli.

Pacelli was made a Cardinal-Priest of Santi Giovanni e Paolo on 16 December 1929 by Pope Pius XI, and within a few months, on 7 February 1930, Pius XI appointed him Cardinal Secretary of State.

Pope Pius XII carried around like an Earthly King. In grave contrast to Jesus who came riding on a donkey.

It was Pacelli`s job to keep the Papal promise of supporting the Fascist dictator.

Since Fascist Italy linked up with Nazi-Germany, the Pope of Rome gave cardinal Pacelli the task of making a deal with the Nazi-Dictator Adolph Hitler.

«The Reichskonkordat» between Germany and the Vatican state was signed on 20 July 1933. It gave the Roman Catholic Church special status inside Nazi-Germany, like the right to publish Catholic publication, freedom for Catholic Schools and Church related activities.

The deal the Roman Catholic Church made with the Fascists in Italy and the Nazis in Berlin, makes this church less than holy.

Its also worth mentioning that Cardinal Pacelli became Pope on March 2nd 1939.

Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo, papal nuncio to Germany, talks with Hitler in 1936.

After the Kristallnacht 8th an 9th of November 1938, Pius could no longer claim to be unaware of Hitlers intentions in regards to the Jews, Still Pope Pius XII ordered his Archbishop in Berlin to send greetings Hitler on his birthday 20th of April 1939.

Read more about the Papal system that was banished from Rome in 1870: Click here

First published: 28.12.2009.

Written by Ivar

21 thoughts on “Pope saved by Mussolini backed Nazi-Germany

  1. what is all this hate you are spreading and lies? Where are your sources? None of them are reliable. Why dont you call the blog: “Pro-Israeli and Muslim and Catholic hater starts blog”.
    And for your information Hamas DID NOT fire rockets into Israel – it was the Israelis who broke the cease fire in December 2008.
    See CNN report:

    and read Haaretz

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Dear Flick.


      I wounder why you feel you can deceive anyone with your comment. Hamas is bound by an ideology of destroying Israel, and every non-Islamic child above the age of seven is able to see this truth.

      What cease fire are you talking about?

      From the day Hamas took over the control of Gaza, the Islamic terror organization started to fire mortar and rockets into Israel from Gaza. Hamas have never respected International law, neither will they ever stop their human rights violations, so their own people can be set free from Islamic slavery.

  2. you should read and no your history my friend, the catholic church is the antichrist. I don’t understand with all this proof, you still are blind and naked.

  3. On the popes in Rome between 1870 and 1929, there were the following living in the Vatican as “prisoners”: Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, and their information can be looked up. They would not go to Gaeta through Italian territory and Gaeta was Italian as well. King Vittorio Emanuelle II’s government had taken over the province of Lazio or Latium (in Latin) which was the last part of the former Papal States that the popes had possessed.

    1. Dear George L. Campbell

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      On the popes in Rome between 1870 and 1929, there were the following living in the Vatican as “prisoners”.

      My comment:

      The was no “Vatican” before 1929. The Papal States were dissolved in 1870, and included in the republic of Italy. Pope Pius IX was sent into exile. It was not before Fascism was established in Italy, that the Vatican statehood was established. By your own words you condemn your self. You admit that the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini “set the Popes free”. The modern Roman Catholic Church is a religious movement that is built on Fascism.

      1. Wow! How you jump to Conclusions! I did not say that Mussolini “set the popes free”. He recognized the legal independence of the Vatican City State, nothing more.
        The Vatican is the name of the area where the Vatican hill was and where the original basilica of St. Peter’s was built by Constantine. The Vatican apartments or Vatican Palace was were the popes lived since the time of the Renaissance. That’s what is meant by Vatican. It is also used to refer to the Church government headquarters for the universal Catholic Church.
        Pius was Not sent into “exile”. He lived in the Vatican buildings as a “prisoner” of the Italian government, according to the words used at the time. Do some reading on that.
        Your last sentence is ridiculous and seems worthy only of a wild sectarian with little knowledge of history and the Catholic Church. If that were so, then why did Pius XI Condemn Fascism in his 1931 encyclical, “Non abbiamo bisogno”? Read up on that too, for you sound like you must be parroting some sectarian site’s mistaken interpretations. Anyone knowledgeable would inform you much better. Do some reading on that encyclical.
        I would also recommend you to read Matthew 16:17-19, Matthew 28:18-20, and John 17 as well as John 6 about the gift of Jesus’ body and blood, wherein you will find some people like you who said, “How can this man give us his body to eat?” And they walked no more with him. Like many tiny sects of these latter days in which false teachers and false prophets divide and confuse the body of believers, against Jesus’ words of John 17.
        Read and may God open your eyes and your heart.

      2. George L. Campbell

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        In 1848, the Pope of Rome was exiled to the Castle of Gaeta 120 kilometer south of Rome. A Roman Republic was declared in February 1849, and Italy experienced religious freedom from the tyrany of the papacy.

        I have made an articles of what took place next.


        With the end of the Papal States in 1870, Pope Pius IX was the last Pope who controlled parts of Italy as a wordly king. The people of Italy was tired of this religious tyrany, a voted the Pope out of Rome in a free and demoractic election.

        The Pope brought back by power by the Fascists, who gifted him the Vatican statehood.

        To try to deny the Fascist-Roman Catholic nexus is folishness. In the day of the pagan emperor Constantine who derailed true Christianity, we did not have internet and blogs. Today we expose all the evils of the papacy.

      3. You confuse what happened in 1848 with 1870. There is no connexion. The popes lived in the Vatican palace from 1870 to 1929 refusing to tread the soil of Italy as the Papal States had been taken from them by the Savoia government by force. The concordat was a Diplomatic event.
        You ignore the denunciation of Fascism by Pius XI in 1931. Why? Be sincere and honest.

      4. Dear George L. Campbell

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Roman Catholic Order brothers will never accept that the Roman Catholic-Fascist nexus is of the devil. But try to justify the deal of 1929, and to blur the facts of what happened next. You seems to be one of those who will defend the Papacy at any cost.

        Pope Pius XI became a committed Fascist, the day the Vatican statehood was granted the Papacy by the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. The deal with Mussolini secured the neutrality of the Vatican, and guaranteed for all future military conflicts. The Pope would remain silent, and not oppose Mussolini in public.

        In 1929 a concordat (A written covenant) was signed, between the regime and the Vatican. The covenant regulated the position of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy. It provided for Church marriages, compulsory religious instruction in schools, and the exclusive position of Catholicism as the state religion of Italy.

        The Pope has always tried to united with totalitarian forces, that would secure his position as the head of the Church. In fact the very “Holy father’, an infallible “god” him self. From the days of Emperor Constantine to the days of Hitler. Eternal condemnation is awaiting all who defend and support this wicked religious movement, with a coy-cat “christ” in its center. A false Messiah who makes a mockery of the true faith in Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah.

        You better repent, or you will perish.

      5. Read about “Non abbiamo bisogno”, the papal encyclical of 1931 that Condemned Fascism and was read from the pulpits of Italian churches.
        You are ignorant of the New Testament, as many modern sectarians and followers of false teachers are. Matthew 16:17-19 shows Jesus made Simon bar Jona the head of His Church on earth when He changed Simon’s name to “Kepha” or Rock in Aramaic, Jesus’ native language. The name was translated into the more widely spoken Greek as “Petros”, the masculine form of “petra”, since Simon Kepha was a male. Peter was always recognized as the first among the apostles. Although he denied Jesus three times, in John, Jesus asks him three times if Peter loves him and then says, “Feed My lambs, Feed My sheep”, confirming him again.
        In John 17, Jesus prays to the Father for the Unity of His followers as a sign that He was sent by the Father. The Catholic Church is United and has about one billion two million followers, fulfilling Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18-20.
        Abandon your heresy and come to the One Church Jesus founded, authorized to teach, and promised to be with until the end of the world.

      6. Dear George L. Campbell

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        Read about “Non abbiamo bisogno”, the papal encyclical of 1931 that Condemned Fascism and was read from the pulpits of Italian churches.

        My comment:

        Yes. I have just read this papal bull, to be able to give you a meaningful reply:


        The Pope is speaking out against the Fascists banning Catholic Action Group in Italy, an Roman Catholic social workers organization with 5.000 circles of Catholic youth. The Pope is not speaking out against fascism in general, but rather, again hailing the brown shirts for restoring “religion in Italy”.

        This is a clear cut hypocritical letter from the Pope to his bishops and priests. The moment the Fascists party overholds its promises to the Roman Catholic Church’s monoply, there will again be full support of the Mussolini regime.

        Why did Mussolini ban the Catholic Action Group (CAG) ?

        The CAG was accused of anti-Fascism activities, and supporting a banned political party in Italy. An accusation that the Pope deny, since “only five local leaders of the Catholic action group had been leaders of the Popular Party”. The Pope confirms that leaders of the CAG are sympatizers of the Fascist party.

        “Some of them are now sympathisers with the regime and the [Fascist] party, and are favourably regarded thereby”.

        In conclusion:

        The Roman Catholic Church did not mind that its priesthood should work along the Fascist party, as long as the Bishops and priests would enjoy the favour’s of their monopoly as the state religion in Fascist Italy. The deal was done in 1929, when Mussolini gifted the Pope the Vatican statehood. When Mussolini accuse the Roman Catholic Church of disloyality, the Pope deny this. And claim that Mussolini is persecuting the youth in the CAG for no valid reason.

      7. You did not read the entire document carefully. The pope clearly denounces a neo pagan attitude towards the state which he brands as “statolatry” (worship of the state). He speaks subtly, which you do not read between the liens. Reread sections 44, 52, and 55 for examples, as well as that whole section. He attacks Fascism for trying to capture the youth for their own ends and with deviation from Christian motives
        Details: Pius XI mentions four former Partito Popolare members who were in Catholic Action and thqt some others were active in the Fascist Party to show that there was no anti-Fascist political character in Catholic Action, which was a religious and not political movement.
        You also mistakenly refer to “brown shirts”, which were German Nazi members, whlle in Italy the Fascists had “camicie nere” or “black shirts”. I lived in Italy in the 1960s, so I was aware of much of that history.
        All of the reading shows that you are Mistaken in your analysis as also in other observations, such as the supposed “exile in Gaeta” or the “absence of bishops of Rome -the popes” during the period of 1870 to 1929.

      8. Dear George L. Campbell

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You can not deny that:

        1. The Pope was voted out of Rome by a popular vote. The majority of the people in Italy did not want the rule of this oppressive religion.
        2. The Pope was sent to exile in Gaeta, an penisula next to Napoli.
        3. The next Pope’s sat sulking inside a Church in Rome, refusing to step into an Italy who had refused to have them as their religious leaders.
        4. The Fascists came to the Pope’s resque. In 1929 Benito Mussolini gifted the Papacy the Vatican statehood.
        5. The Fascists gave the Pope more than he had before the exile, the Papal states in central Italy. Now the Pope was elevated as the religious head of the whole of Fascist Italy, with a religious monopoly at his hands.
        6. The Pope signed a similar covenant with the Nazis in Germany in 1933. Giving the Roman Catholic Church the same monopoly and special privilegdges in Germany.

        The Pope claims to be the replacement of “Christ” on the face of the Earth. But unlike the Messiah, the Pope is willing to enter into alliances with the children of Satan to achive world dominion. Together Hitler, the Pope and Mussolini laid plans to rule the World. This is the truth.

        You need to renounce the evils of the Papacy, if you want to escape the fire of Hell. Remember I loved you enough to tell you the truth.

      9. You say you love me, but you do not love the Truth.
        1) Pope Pius IX was expelled from the city of Rome (not Italy) because the people wanted a more liberal government. It had nothing to do with religion. It was political and against the oppressive clerical regimes of the past under Gregory XVI and Leo XII, even though Pius himself was more liberal in views in 1848. He became reactionary politically afterwards.
        2) Pius IX went to Gaeta in the southern part of Lazio (Latium in Latin), not Naples.
        3)The next pope, Leo XIII, did Not sit sulking in a church. He stayed in the Vatican palace, refusing to set foot in the territory that the Savoy government had robbed of the papacy. The government was largely run by Masons, of whom not even Protestants like you are affectionate toward, nor in those days. It was a Political decision in order to have independence from the Masonic government of Italy.
        4)In 1929, Mussolini tried to stop the negativism that Catholics had against the Masonic governments before him by recognizing the independence of the Vatican City, so the papacy would not be subject to the Italian government, and thus he would eliminate some of the negative relations and gain some adepts among the Catholics of Italy, even though he had been an atheist himself. He was an astute politician.
        5)Mussolini did Not give the Papal States back to the papacy! What are you writing about??? Ridiculous. The spiritual power of the popes as head of the Italian was not a question. The pope was Not the head of the Fascists religiously. He did get the Fascists to recognize the Church to teach in public schools and got priests paid for their work and as chaplains as a concession to the Catholic Church.
        6) The concordat with Nazi Germany gave the Catholic Church NO “monopoly” in Germany. It gave them some freedoms but obliged Catholics not to organize in opposition to the Nazis. The Protestants had already been organized into a German National Protestant church by combining the regional churches into one. The Catholic were recognized as still in communion with Rome. Bismarck had forced a fight against Catholics in the 19th century with the “Kultur Kampf” against the Catholics, favoring the Protestants of the north of the newly united Germany.
        =You do not know history well, so it would be better to be Humble, study Real History and not some textbooks for fanatics with altered facts.
        The popes are indeed the Vicars of Christ “the Eternal Rock in Heaven” while they only hold a place as His “Rock” on earth in His stead to assure the Truth of doctrine and morals in teaching and the Unity of the faithful, as Jesus prayed for in John 17, which you seem to ignore. Reread Matt. 16:17-19.
        The popes gained no World leadership because of concordats with Mussolini and Hitler. There have been concordats with other countries as well. Concordats are usually agreements with government with which there have been Problems, and are intended to gain some wiggle space or rights for the Church.
        Any “evils” in the papacy have been renounced and corrected throughout history. You must read the New Testament with more openness as to the Church that Jesus founded as His One and Only Church till the end of time, founded as it was on human beings just as was ancient Israel with all its serious faults, and yet both were guided by God.
        God bless you and Enlighten you.

      10. Dear George L. Campbell

        Shalom, amnd love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        1) Pope Pius IX was expelled from the city of Rome (not Italy) because the people wanted a more liberal government. It had nothing to do with religion.

        My reply:

        You do twist the history of Italy, in a bid to save the Papacy for being tainted by his support of Facsism. You are only fooling your self.

        The Pope was the head of the Papal states, pre-Italy republic and kingdom, before 1850 A.D. He was the claimed Roman Catholic “King of kings”, who set in rulers in many nations. He demanded world dominion, as the claimed “Holy Father”, the same name Jesus the Messiah used to adress our Father God in Heaven”. The Pope also claim to be the replacement of “Christ” on the face of the Earth, the vicar of the Messiah.

        It was nothing but natural that such an usurper of authority would be the perfect match for Benito Mussolini. He wanted to gain political control in Rome, and build a new Roman Empire. Like in the ancient days of the Roman empire, the totalitarian leader (Emperor) needed a Pope, the totalitarian religious leader.

        This is A.B.C to all who are willing to listen, and do not indulge in the evils of the papacy. The office of the Holy See is the root of curses from its formation in 320 A.D. This is the seat of an antichrist.

      11. You are confused in your facts. In 1870, the new Italian government took over the province of Lazio, which was all that was left of the ancient Papal States. They had already seized the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Naples and Sicily) by force. Now they had Rome The events of 1848 and 1870 are Distinct even though the pope of those times was the same, Pius IX.
        What kings did the popes set up??? That is historical Ignorance on your part. They had problems with monarchs who, professing to be Catholics, controlled the Catholic churches in their realms, such as the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire of the German People like Frederich II. The monarchs of Spain had control of the naming of the bishops there and even the Inquisition there was started by Isabella and Ferdinand, and the pope had no say. The Kings of France always tried to control the Catholic Church in France, such as did Phillip the Fair and Louis XIV.
        The popes, as successors of Saint Peter, the Rock (Kepha in Aramaic) are the Vicars of Christ on earth, meaning they are set by Jesus to govern the Church with the bishops and are under His control. Read what a “vicar” is in a dictionary.
        As for when the “holy see” began, Irenaeus of Lyons and Smyrna wrote around 180 AD the the church of Rome was founded by “the glorious apostles Peter and Paul, and with which church all others must be in agreement” (Adversus Haereses Bk III) He also names 12 successors of Peter in Rome up to his day, so it is not a question of being from “320” as you said erroneously. Check you information better and may God bless and guide you as you struggle for the Truth which shall set you free.

      12. Dear George L. Campbell

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        What kings did the popes set up??? That is historical Ignorance on your part…

        My reply:

        What business did the Italian (Roman) Pope have in Norway?. Where the Pope took side in political affairs, and called for the removal of Kings?

        What business did the Pope have to remove Thomas Christian bishops in India?

        Why did the Pope set up an Inquisition tribunal in Goa in India, where his bishops were set to judge Indians and burn them at stake?

        The people of Rome knew about the horrible crimes of the Papacy, his upsurped authority, and his multiple unions with dictators and evil men. They simply voted him out of Rome, and hoped he would never return.

      13. Dear Ivarfjeld: You mention no kings set up by popes. The Archbishops of Nidaros or Trondheim had considerable power in Norway and They influenced the uncertain succession of kings in Norway until there was a definite law of succession established.
        There were threats against the king of England who had St. Thomas of Canterbury killed, but he did penance and reigned on. Some emperors of the Holy Roman Empire of the German People were dealt with by popes, such as when Gregory VII excommunicated Henry of Germany for his pretension over installing bishops and for Frederick Barbossa for some of his deeds. Who else?
        As for the Mar Thoma Christians of India, it was more the Portuguese who created problems there by trying to manipulate the local Mar Thomas and bring them under their jurisdiction. There were disputes among the Mar Thoma Christians that have divided them into several independent church groups.
        The Inquisition was established in Goa by the Portuguese and was under their control. Over 16,200 were processed by that Inquisition and only 57 were put to death, according to Wikipedia. The pope was not a party to that.
        Again, you do your own twisted analysis of the events of 1848. It was a political decision by the locals and Manzini. The conquest by the Piedmont army of Rome and Lazio in 1870 was also political.
        Think better and get better informed. God bless.

      14. By the way, there was no “republic of Italy” then. It was the Kingdom of Italy from 1860 to 1946 under Vittorio Emanuelle II, Umberto I, Vittoria Emanuelle III, and Umberto II.

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