Norwegian FM: Syria has a right to take back Golan

“Demonstrators tried to cross the cease fire lines from 1949, and enter into Syrian land occupied by Israel”.

Jonas Gahr Støre is the best agent the Syrian regime ever will have in Norway.

5th of June Syrian demonstrators attacked the border fense between Israel and Syria on the Golan.  Israel responded by live fire on the attackers.

The Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre issued a press release, condemning the Israeli response.

Requested to explain this condemnation of Israel in the Norwegian Parliament, Gahr Støre took the Iranian-Syrian, Hamas and Hizb”Allah”s look on Israel.

 “The actual situation is that demonstrators tried to cross the cease fire line from 1949, and tried to enter Syrian areas occupied by Israel”.

Torkil Åmland (Right wing party) rebukes the FM.

“Even if this is a cease fire line, Israel has the right to defend them”, explains Åmland.

Source: Norwegian Christians daily “Dagen”.

My comment:

Jonas Gahr Støre’s logic will lead him into interesting dillemas.

Like: The communists in East Berlin had the right to attack the cease fire line with West Berlin, since the Communists claimed the whole city was theirs.

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, agreements are not to be respected, not even cease fire agreements.  And defense of such lines, are a condemnable offense.

Gahr Støre’s dilemma is why He should not support a massive Syrian military attack on Golan?  

This land is in the minds of people who support Radical Islam and Gahr Støre “Arab territory”, occupied by the Zionist regime.

Gahr Støres logic will lead him to also defend the Pan-Arabian assault’s on Israel in 1948, 1952, 1967 and 1973.  The Jews occupies land in the Middle East, that before 1948 was “not theirs”.

Gahr Støre just have to put on his uniform, and join the “Islamic liberation forces”.

Written by Ivar

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