International law gives Israel the right to stop ships who tries to end the naval blockade on Hamas, even at their port of origin.

The Cuban Missiles crisis in October 1962. Russian ships are intercepted by the US Navy in International waters off Cuba.

A maritime blockade is a tool countries can employ during an armed conflict to stop the passage of weapons and other goods to a country or entity. Israel has imposed one on Gaza since January 3, 2009, during Operation Cast Lead.

Under the San Remo Manual, a 1994 legally recognized but nonbinding document from the International Institute of Humanitarian Law dealing with blockades and armed conflicts.

The US enforced a naval blockade of Cuba. Just as Israel do with the Hamas.

This is widely held to be the international standard for blockades.

Countries can intercept a vessel that is trying to breach the blockade as soon as it leaves its port of origin if the vessel is clear in its purpose to illegally enter waters.

This is what a legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry who is an expert in maritime law explained.

The official added that blockades are always imposed in international waters, and ships trying to breach the blockade are intercepted even further out, to give the military enough time to intercept it before it reaches land.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Did the Americans have the right to stop the Russian ships in International waters off Cuba in October 1962?

Maybe the US should have allowed Russia to break the naval blockade, and give Castro the weapons he desired?

Leftists politicians and Islam agree with Hamas.  They use the same arguments against Israel as Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev used in his letter to US President Kennedy in 1962:

The US quarantine of “navigation in international waters and air space” constituted “an act of aggression propelling humankind into the abyss of a world nuclear-missile war.”

But the Pentagon paid no respect to the Russian viewpoints:

  “US Secretary of defense McNamara noted that another tanker, the Grozny, was about 600 miles (970 km) out and should be intercepted” .

Source: Wikipedia.

USS Carter Hall stopping a ship from delivering "aid" to Iran in 2008.

The United States has also used Naval blockage as a tool in our most recent days. In august 2008, the US enforced a naval blockade on Iran in the Persian Gulf.

Was this kind of a naval blockade justified?

Lets see what the website Global Research says:

 Extensive war games were held off the US Atlantic Coastline under “Operation Brimstone” in late July.
These war games were activated shortly after the submission in the US House of Representatives (May 22), of a bill (H CON 362) which called upon the Bush administration to carry out an economic blockade directed against Iran.

Source: Global Research

With the logic of Turkey, and other supporters of Hamas, Israel has no right to stop any ships in International waters. They are wrong.

Israel has a right to do so, and must do so. This is war, and the enemies of Israel bids for her delegitimization and destruction.

 Isaiah 26:4
Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.

Written by Ivar