Arab “Palestinian state” an assault on Israel

World Jewish Congress Secretary-General Dan Diker calls PA plan to seek recognition for state at UN assault on Israel’s rights.

Daniel Diker warns of fatal consequences for Israel if a "Palestinian state" is formed.

A Palestinian bid for statehood is a “fundamental offensive” in the assault on Israel’s most basic legal and diplomatic rights and could have dire consequences for international diplomacy, World Jewish Congress Secretary-General Dan Diker told a roomful of international parliamentarians visiting Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Diker, along with D.J. Schneeweiss, a Foreign Affairs Ministry strategist, and NGO Monitor’s Gerald Steinberg was speaking at a session of the International Consultation of Jewish Parliamentarians, during an interparliamentary session titled, “The assault on Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.”

A negotiated solution is the only option in terms of international law,” he said. “What has happened, I would suggest, is that the legal and diplomatic principles which were enshrined and unanimously approved by the British and American directors after 1967 have been distorted and transformed into a type of political reality that changes from moment to moment.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Islamic terrorism should not succeed in forming new states. The PLO should not have had its base on the Mountains of Zion in the first place.

The deceptions that followed the Oslo accord gave promoters of violence in the name of “allah” a stronghold inside the Biblical heartland of Israel.

The US and the European Union have used billions of dollars to build a new terror state.

Israel discovered to late, that its government had been fooled by a criminal Yasser Arafat.  The first price was paid during the second intifada, where more than 1.000 innocent Jews were slaughtered by suicide bombers sent by the followers of Muhammad.

To not stop this terrorist state from being formed, will lead the Jewish state towards the second and final Holocaust. Jew-haters of all colors must not have their way.

Written by Ivar

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