Radical Islam wants to kill both Americans in Kabul and Colonel Qaddafi. With or without the support of NATO.

The "safe" hotels in Saigon were suddenly not so safe anymore. Here another not no safe hotel in American occupied Kabul.

Nato helicopters were called in to kill three militants to end a five-hour clash by suicide bombers and gunmen on a hotel in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The attack on the Intercontinental Hotel, frequented by Westerners, left six more attackers, two police and 11 civilians, including a Spaniard dead.

Taliban ready to kill American "tourists" in Kabul.

A security official said the militants may have exploited renovation work to gain access to the high-security hotel.

A Taliban spokesman said the insurgent group had carried out the attack.

However, interior and defence ministry officials told the BBC it bore the hallmarks of the Haqqani network, a group closely allied to the Taliban but which operates independently.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

Its is astonishing that the US can support those who shout “Allah is great” and fires rockets towards Tripoli.

How come the Americans, do not understand that the same spirit is at work in those who try to kill Westerners at Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul?

A CIA employee helps Vietnamese evacuees onto an Air America helicopter from the top of a building in Saigon, South Vietnam on April 29,1975

Islam is a religion based on violence.

The source of violent Islam is more than 140 Jihad verses found in the Koran.

For the last 1300 years there have been a civil war within Islam, where Muslims are slaughtering Muslims in the name of “allah”.

The US built up the Taliban. The US is equally in error when Obama is allowed to build up the “rebel forces” in Libya.

In the end, all this evil will be used to bring the American Empire down and into submission to the “god of the Muslims”.

The “god” of Obama and the Muslims is a false “god”. In the end those who submit to this falsehood will get what they deserve.

Written by Ivar