Totalitarian China will move Europe into debt trap

Europe has become a borrowing slave of Communist China. The totalitarian regime is ready to give fresh loans to overspending Europeans.

Dictator PM Wen Jiabao's is presented as the savior of Italy by Silvio Berlusconi.

“A friend in need, is a friend in deed”.

This was the message from Chinese Prime Minister this morning on BBC. He was talking about the dictatorship in Beijing being willing to fund European banks who are on the edge of another default.

In 2010, the Chines Prime Minister visited Italy. This is what China Daily recored from this meeting:

  “China’s 4-trillion-yuan ($586 billion) stimulus package and fast economic growth will continue to help Italy crawl out of Europe’s debt woes, Italy’s chief trade commissioner in Beijing told China Daily”.

 “The trade commissioner also said he is confident Premier Wen Jiabao’s official visit to the southern European nation will push bilateral economic relations to a new high”.

China encouraged its companies to “go global” and saw central and eastern Europe as a strategic priority, the Chinese leader said, adding that his current visit was “both a journey of friendship and a journey of cooperation.”

Secondly, Wen called for both sides to promote two-way investment.

“We must work intensively to improve the laws and regulations on two-way investment, remove investment barriers of various kinds, actively engage in diversified forms of investment promotion activities, and strive for early substantive growth in two-way investment,” Wen said.

Given the Chinese enterprises’ strength in infrastructure construction, and the big markets in central and east European countries, there was a lot the two sides could do together in this field, Wen said.

Pointing out that both sides should increase exchanges in such areas as education, culture, health, sports, tourism and science, Wen said they also needed to enhance in particular the mutual understanding and friendship between the young people of the two sides.

Source: China Daily

My comment:

China is a totalitarian dictatorship. Still the free Western Democracies act like China is a good uncle, that will save them from trouble.

The Western democracies have become post-Christian societies. That is why their blessings have expired. Today few Europeans are willing to repent, and come back and obey Jesus the Messiah.

  John 3:7-8:

John said to the crowds coming out to be baptized by him, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.

When China control the economics of Europe and Saudi Arabia controls US Foreign policy, the One World Government will be just around the corner.

Since Iran is the biggest trading partner with Iran, and Saudi Arabia wants Zionism to end in Israel, the world stage is set for the final anti-Christ.  Iran will be spared from International scrutiny protected by China, and the US will do all it can to please the Saudi’s holding American debts.

Iran will surely be permitted to develop its nuclear bomb, and all nations will abandon and betray the state of Israel. But the perfect false “peace plan” will abruptly be canceled by the return of the Messiah. He will come like the Lion of Judah, and bring judgment of all kinds of wicked people.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Totalitarian China will move Europe into debt trap

  1. This thought is worthy of consideration…. So much talk about the other Nations being this or that..(which they are (smile)…yet those who are in bed with them..,reminds me of what I use to hear when I was little…”Birds of a feather ..Flock together” it’s hard to accept if you’re finding out the scales are being removed from your eyes…to those who believe…Dear God…how sad the World Leaders and some Church Leaders feel the loyalty to Jesus Christ is not worthy of their loyalty and not as profitable…”There will be weeping and gnashing of the teeth”……

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