How did Adolf Hitler come to power in Germany? He simply claimed that it was the Jews who were the «Nazis». Hitler told the Germans that the Jews were the true Fascists, and Zionism was invented to give the Jews totalitarian control over the whole Earth. By cleaning Europe for Jews, Hitler basically promised that he would bring peace to the World.

People believed him. They did not understand that it was Hitler who had totalitarian ambitions. He wanted to control the World, and he just used the Jews as a scapegoat for justifying violence to gain totalitarian control. Behind Hitler was the evil principalities of darkness, who hate the Jews, those who believe in the Jewish Messiah and the God of the Bible.

The horrible result of the many lies of Hitlers, was the Second World War, that claimed the life of 60 million people. The real Nazis managed to genocide six million Jews, half of the global Jewish population.

The same tactics from Nazi-Germany is used by the Fascists of our day. In particular the Fascism that is displayed by the evil face of Radical Islam. They try to portray them selves as the true lovers of freedom and justice, and claims that it is the Jews who are the Fascists.

During the Geneva conference against racism, the Iranian president Ahmadinejad operated as a copy-cat Adolf Hitler. His message was: «The Jews are the problem. The state of Israel is the stumbling block to real peace in the Middle East and the World». Ahmadinejads logic is that: If we manged to wipe Israel of the map, we will do the human race a favor.

Its so familiar. The history Is repeating it self.

The people around Ahmadinejad do not have any scruples. In Geneva they introduced a new label for the Jewish people: «Zio-Nazis. Let the World know that the people who put this labels on Zionism and the Jewish people are the true «Nazis» of our time. Based on an Islamic agenda, they will try their best to copy what Hitler failed to do. Kill all the Jews and gain control over the World. This time it is done in the name of Allah.

Written by Ivar

First published: 23.04.2010.