The World Justice Project wants to diminish national laws who blocks building of “thriving communities”.

Colin Powell, Madeline Albright and James Baker III wants a global elite to streamline national laws.

The global village needs a global law. The World Justice Project claims to have the support of outstanding leaders.

This is one of their aims:

 A worldwide rule of law deficit undermines efforts to make societies safe, lift people from poverty and build economic prosperity, reduce corruption, improve public health and enhance education. The WJP is tapping into a broad recognition that the rule of law is essential to thriving communities and to the success of virtually all fields of endeavor.

Mainstreaming the Rule of Law

The WJP’s Mainstreaming is an initiative to advance the rule of law into the work of a variety of disciplines, such as the arts, architecture, business, education, engineering, environment, faith, finance, government, human rights, labor, law and the judiciary, media, public safety, public health, and science. The WJP’s mainstreaming efforts include action-oriented multidisciplinary meetings and the Opportunity Fund.

Honorary Chairs
The World Justice Project has the support of outstanding leaders representing a range of disciplines around the world. The Honorary Chairs of the World Justice Project are:

•    Madeleine Albright
•    Giuliano Amato
•    Robert Badinter
•    James A. Baker III
•    Stephen G. Breyer
•    Sharan Burrow
•    David Byrne
•    Jimmy Carter
•    Maria L. Cattaui
•    Arthur Chaskalson
•    Hans Corell
•    Hilario G. Davide, Jr.
•    Hernando de Soto
•    William H. Gates, Sr.
•    Ruth Bader Ginsburg
•    Richard J. Goldstone
•    Kunio Hamada
•    Lee H. Hamilton
•    Mohamed Ibrahim
•    Tassaduq Hussain Jillani
•    Anthony M. Kennedy
•    George J. Mitchell
•    John Edwin Mroz
•    Indra Nooyi
•    Sandra Day O’Connor
•    Ana Palacio
•    Colin L. Powell
•    Roy L. Prosterman
•    Richard W. Riley
•    Mary Robinson
•    Petar Stoyanov
•    Peter Sutherland
•    John J. Sweeney
•    Desmond Tutu
•    Antonio Vitorino
•    Paul A. Volcker
•    Harry Woolf
•    Andrew Young
•    Zhelyu Zhelev

Source: World Justice Project

My comment:

National Laws are branded an obstacle to the emerging One World Government. A Global elite wants to set the rules and regulations for this global Government.  To achieve this goal, both a new global currency and a global penal code is required.

 1 Corinthians 1:25
For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.

It is a huge paradox that prominent top US politician’s are chairing this project. Knowing that the Global Police chief it self do not recognize the Human right tribunal of the Haage.

The US wants  war criminals to be punished by an International law, that the US it self do not respect. Simply because the US want to be above the law, and want to act on the Global arena without internationally set limitations.

Written by Ivar