The only reason for sending an “aid ship” to Gaza is to provoke the Israeli navy to action.

Targeting Israel, claiming there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This is a newly established amusement park inside the Hamas controlled territory..

The logic and aim of Israel’s blockade is to prevent the Hamas terror organization presently administering Gaza from acquiring arms, ammunition, and other supplies that could contribute to hostile activities against Israel.

Since May 2010, the Israeli government has altered the manner in which it administers the limitations on the transfer of goods to Gaza.

It now specifically prohibits only those materials that might be taken and directed by Hamas and other terror groups in furtherance of their hostile purposes.

In light of all the above, there is good reason to assume that the instigators of the planned flotilla intending to set sail for Gaza in June 2011 would be hard put to justify themselves other than by admitting their real character and motives as a provocative and political demonstration.

Sponsorship, organization, and presence on such flotillas by terror organizations or their activists disguised as humanitarian groups will no longer deceive an international community which witnessed the May 2010 flotilla, the premeditated violence of its organizers, and the regrettable and tragic outcome.

Source: JCPA.

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The most amazing side of propaganda, is that the promotes is able to create an illusion inside the head of people.

Joseph Goebbels was a genius of his time, working in the service of Satan. He crated a picture of the Jews as the real obstacle to peace, an evil force that must be ‘dealt with”.

Today, the Government of Turkey has taken the Nazi-leaders shoe’s.  Turkey is promoting and funding an “aid flotilla” to Gaza with humanitarian aid, to feed an humanitarian crisis that does not exist.

The Turkish propaganda against Israel is not different from Nazi-propaganda against the Jewish people.
The Humaitarian crsis in Gaza is a fiction, and fruits of islamic propaganda.
These are the children in Gaza that CNN and BBC will not show on your TV screen.

Funny, that the “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza produced an amusement part, recently opened.

What a foolish World that believes in the same propaganda machinery that produced the Holocaust.  Jew-hate is not based on logic, nor on reason. Its a spiritual forced from the bottomless pit.

Written by Ivar