UNRWA will bring material for building 1,200 houses and 18 schools into Gaza Strip following ‘immediate’ approval from Israel.  

Global media broadcast propaganda from Islamic terrorists freely, her promoted by Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh.

UN Middle East envoy welcomes “this significant step”.

Israel has approved the building of USD 100 million worth of new houses and schools in the Gaza Strip, Israeli and UN officials said on Tuesday.

Guy Inbar, a military spokesman, said Israel had given the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) the green light to bring building materials for 18 new schools and 1,200 new houses into the Hamas-controlled territory.

Source: Haaretz.com

My comment:

Israel is walking the balancing act, between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The Israeli government has identified a split in the Hamas Government. The Political leadership of Hamas sits in Damascus in Syria. And the administration of the Gaza government i based in Gaza city.

The local administration in Gaza, wants more power. Damascus is saying no.

The logic of allowing the local administration in Gaza get 100 million USD to build infrastructure, can be hard to find.

But there are reasons. Among many:

1. If the people of Gaza has less food, Israel will be blamed regardless if she is the reason or not.
2. As long as Hamas has cash, cashless Hamas supporters do not have to reconcile with al-Fatah.
3. If Hamas and al-Fatah do not reconcile, there is no two-state solution. But at best a non implementable three state solution.
4. If Hamas breaks apart, or is divided by infighting, nothing would be better. Than there is no united “Palestinian front” to be established.

Israel must keep Hamas at bay, or see the terrorist organization break apart into many fractions. This situation will make a political solution based on Islamic demands an illusion.

Written by Ivar