The World Council of Churches (WCC) is more antisemitic than Rome.

General secretary of WCC Olav Fykse Tveit and the Pope wants Zionism to be removed from the Biblical heartland of Israel.

The WCC conference in Volos in Greece will be arranged from 20 to 22nd of June. It is supposed to “look at Christian faith in Palestine and the Middle East today”

Well and good. There are surely believers in a Jew called Jesus among the Arabs.

But the WCC accuse Israel being the problem for Arabian Christians. Not Islam. There is not a single line of criticism about Muslims who persecute Arabs who have come to faith in Jesus.

This is what is written on the home pages of the WCC:

“And in Israel and Palestine, Palestinian Christians in the West Bank and Gaza continue to live under the pressure and humiliation of the Gaza blockade and Israeli occupation”.

Source: WCC homepage

My comment:

When Islam was occupying East Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967, few Christians spoke out against the horrible crimes against humanity that took place in the city.

Muslims drove Jews out of this part of the city, and burnt or destroyed more than 50 synagogues.

In the so-called “Palestine”, Arabs who claim Jesus was Jewish will be stoned to death. That seems to be of no problem for the WCC. As long as Israel is blamed as a claimed “occupying power”. WCC claims that Jews have no right to the Biblical heartland. All who agree to this and say “praise Jesus” can be accepted.

There are few more wicked assemblies than the WCC. The antisemitic spirits who reign in these false Christians are from the devil him self.  The Jew-hate they expose, together with their Muslim co-workers is worse than what Rome is able to express nowadays. I guess the Pope likes to use his harlot daughters as a weapon against the “Zionist state”.

The truth is that there has never been a “Palestinian” people. They are all Arabs. Arab Christians that fights against the restoration of Israel, and wants to deny the Biblical land promises given to the Jewish people, call God of the Bible a liar.

If they do not repent, that will be their very doom.  Jesus the Messiah will call a lot of “Christians” evil doers when He returns. A lot of them are surely found inside the Churches that support the WCC.

Written by Ivar