Catholic Cardinal calls for “internalisation” to create good society

Faith and reason are in harmony. There is a need for internalisation to create a good society.

Catholic Cardinals do not preach the gospel, but promote the One World religion.

This is the advice from Roman Catholic Cardinal Petter Turkson. He spoke at the annual Cardinal John Henry Newman Lecture at St John’s College, Oxford.

Faith and reason are in harmony and are not in competition, explains the cardinal.

“The truth of faith cannot be opposed to the truth of reason, but neither can truth be arrived at by reason alone. Faith and reason are attracted to each other. There is a harmony between the two. There is therefore no competition between reason and faith. The service of faith and reason in public life is the establishment of truth.”

The cardinal also spoke about the need for religion, saying: “A coercive external system is not enough for the creation of a good society. There needs to be an internalisation.”

Source: The Catholic Herald

My comment:

That faith and reason are in harmony, is a great Vatican promoted lie. That a man called Jesus has risen from the dead, has nothing to do with reason.

Jesus did not say there are many truths. He said I am the truth.

Faith in Jesus and human reasoning has very little in common.  When a miracle takes place, human reasoning has no value at all. It will just be used to promote faithlessness.

When Cardinal Petter Turkson speaks about  a “good society”, he forgets that only by faith in Jesus man can create a good society.  This kind of co-existence do not come from pagan universialism promoted by Rome.

The Catholic World is a good example of a society that has been crippled by Fascism up to the year 1974. That was the year the last Fascist dictator on the Iberian peninsula died in Catholic Spain. Catholic Latin America has been crippled by both Spanish imperialism and Fascists dictatorships up to our days.

“Internalisation” will not bring a “good society”. The best example is the United Nations, a so-called role model of “Internalisation”.
The majority of the nations in the UN are ruled by wicked and totalitarian leaders. Many of them are Islamic despots, who wants to cripple and kill both Jews and Christians in its population.

 John 14:6
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Do not listen to Vatican appointed Cardinals. Only Jesus is able to build a “good society” on Earth.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Catholic Cardinal calls for “internalisation” to create good society

  1. This is the most rubbish I’ve ever read in one sitting. Cultures cannot co-exist on this earth and now you think you can throw religion(s) into the mix and make ‘it’ work?

    Your initital premise that Catholic Cardinals do not preach the Gospel but promote One World Religion is an absolute lie.

    You may have found a ‘rogue’ Cardinal agreeing with some of your premises but you will NEVER have the Catholic Church agreeing with this (unless, of course, everyone wants to convert to Catholicism.

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