God of the Bible hands the children of the sport “god” over to demons.

Sports demons in action. Western youth rejects Jesus, and fill them self with shitt from video games and TV-shows.

The center of Vancouver BC looked like a war zone on June 15th 2011.  Behind the rioter’s were also rich upper class youth, who “reacted” to their ice hockey team “Canucks” lost the Stanley Cup final match against Boston.

The mayhem and riots left more than 150 people injured, more than 50 businesses damaged, 15 cars destroyed and at least 14 officers nursing cuts, bites and in one case, a concussion.

Demoized Canadian youth, attack shops in Vancouver.
A lost Ice hockey match triggered the demonic forces.
The media promotes demons, and put fire to youth who just wants to see destruction.
Look at his eyes. When darkness reigns, the soul gets lost for eternity.
Not Islamic terrorists, but Ice hockey supporters in Vancouver BC.

The Police struggled to control an Olympic-sized crowd with a fraction of the officers available during the 2010 Games faced an impossible task, the head of the Vancouver Police Union said.

“If you want to manage a crowd like that effectively without having it turn into a riot, then we need probably 5,000 police officers, not the five or six or 700 police officers we had out there [Wednesday] night,” Tom Stamatakis said in an interview.

“You need to really step up in terms of physical resources throughout the crowd and keep a lid on things.”

During the Olympics, there was a security team of 15,300, which included 6,000 police officers from across Canada and 4,500 members of the Canadian military.

The Vancouver police department would not say exactly how many officers were downtown Wednesday night when the violence broke out.
Source: The Vancouver Sun

My comment:

Physical exercise do have some value. But when sports turn into a religion, the fruits are love of money, corruption and violence.

Many people believed that riots is for the poorer sections of youth in Latin America, or suppressed Muslims in the Middle East.

But the same demons that creates violence in the third World, are present on video games and TV-shows in the upper class neighborhood in Canada west.

Demons will be released all over the World. All who have not accepted Jesus as God and savior, will end up in the wrong camp.

Revelation 20:15
And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.

Written by Ivar