Gaza “aid flotilla” filled with pirates of the high seas

Lawsuit filed in NY court seeks to confiscate 14 ships slated to participate in upcoming flotilla.

Turkish Islamic "peace activists" give Nazi-salute to the "Gaza aid flotilla".

The Law suits have been filled on grounds they were outfitted with unlawful funds.

Dr. Alan Bauer, an American- Israeli victim of a Palestinian terrorist attack, on Thursday filed a first of its kind lawsuit in an effort to seize ships to be used by Islamic and anti-Israel organizations to try to breach the blockade of the Gaza Strip later this month.

The suit, Bauer v. The Mavi Marmara, was filed in Manhattan federal court, seeking to confiscate 14 ships, which are scheduled to participate in the upcoming flotilla and which were outfitted with funds Bauer says were unlawfully raised in the United States by anti-Israel groups, including The Free Gaza Movement.

Hamas navy officers honor the Turkish "peace activists" in Gaza City, June 6th 2010.

Over the weekend, however, the Turkish IHH organization said the Mavi Marmara was still too damaged to sail for Gaza.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Islamic terrorists in Somalia are considered pirates of the high sea when they attack oil tankers and bulk carriers off the coast of Africa.

Islamic terrorists from Turkey and Syria are equally pirates when they form a “Gaza aid flotilla” and move into confrontation with the Israeli navy. Islam tries to use force to set the new naval borders abound Israel.

Lets take a look at some pictures of Islamic pirates from Somalia, and some pirates that came from Turkey, to support Islamic terrorism in Gaza:

Islamic terrorists from Somalia ready to kill Western tourists in the Indian Ocean.
Hamas terrorists took control over the al-Fatah office in Gaza by slaughtering their Muslim brethren.
Islamic terrorists from Somalia has just captured a foreign ship in the Indian Ocean.
Islamic pirate's from Turkey throw an Israeli soldier over board from the Gaza "aid flotilla".
Islamic terrorist from Somalia has used force of piracy to take over a foreign ship.

There is no difference between Somalian pirates and pirates from Turkey.

But the International community has been blinded by Islamic propaganda, and defend Islamic terrorism as long as Israel is the target.

When the US or France use force to stop Islamic pirates from Somalia in the Indian Ocean, it is promoted as an act of honor. When the Israeli navy use force to stop Islamic pirates from Turkey, “Zionism” is branded as evil in the West.

The French navy has captured Islamic pirates from Somalia.
The Israeli navy is condemned for arresting Islamic pirates who tries to break the naval borders of Israel.

The amount of hypocrisy and double standard is on the rise. And Israel is at the receiving end.

Here an Islamic propaganda cartoon that attacks the state of Israel, and a cartoon that tell the truth about rabid Jew-hate that drives Muslims at the high seas.

Muslims portray Islam as always innocent, and Israel as the little Satan.
The real motive behind "aid flotillas" to help Hamas, is the ultimate Holocaust against the Jewish people.
People deceived by Islam attacks Israel, when the Jewish state tries to defend its borders.

Written by Ivar

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