A Letter to a brother in Jerusalem

Dear Brother. Shalom.

Messianic Jews are often misunderstood, accused of not being Jewish enough.

The Messiah is a Jew. Everything about Him is Jewish. To have faith in Jesus (Yeshua) can never be anything but a Jewish faith in God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The problem is that many false followers if the Messiah have robed Yeshua from His Jewishness. The Messiah joined the celebration of all Jewish festivals. Many false Christians have no clue what Jewish festivals are all about.

I fully understand that many Jews are not able to see that “False Christianity” is not the true faith in the Messiah. They can be seen as strongly opposing the Jews right to a homeland. Both the secular and religious among your brethren have a right to live in Israel, with today’s borders.

But the Messianic Jews are not like that. The large majority of them are strong Zionists, send their children to the IDF, and celebrate all Jewish holidays.  You can not say the same about many groups of Ultra Orthodox Jews. Some of them work for the destruction of the state of Israel.

Hope this was the same Ivar you have come to know, and love.

Sincerely yours.

4 thoughts on “A Letter to a brother in Jerusalem

  1. Shalom Ivar,

    Thank you for sharing this,It just reaffirms my thoughts on this subject .
    I pray daily for the Peace of Jerusalem and Israel. God Bless you !!

  2. A Gentile Christian is one that after reading & digesting Romans 11 & the grafting of the wild olive branch, comes to the dawning realisation that he belongs to the Girl Guides and not to the Boy Scouts. Baden Powell may have started both movements but the Boy Scouts was always his first and most favoured. I wear the grafted symbol of the Menorah & the Fish combined that make up the Star of David. This to me shows how proud and honoured i am that by grace alone, Yeshua draws me under his wing to allow me to sup with his chosen people. The Messianic Jew would wear it to show faith in Yeshua as his saviour. Their are 2 peoples but stand together as one. Shalom Peoples.

  3. hmm, US Jewish ruling class is different. also Israel gov’t too. the most of them are freemasons, those zionists actually believe the Baal & Horus = Satan as their gods. read the Kabbalah, protocols of the Zion, or Masonic Bible.

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