Jews who believe in Jesus persecuted in Israel

“My father is Jewish. But I am not ready to renounce Jesus as my Lord and Savior”.

Benjamin and his wife do not get permission to stay in Israel, because they believe in a Jew called Jesus.

These are the words of Benjamin Gezahagu, of Jewish origin in Etiophia. He and his wife Aziev is refused residential permit in Israel, because they are Messianic Jews.  They are about to give birth to their fifth child.

“The Government is ready to give us this permit of we convert to Orthodox Judaism. My father is Jewish, so I can get status as a Jew. But the Ministry of Interior demand that I renounce my faith in Jesus.  I can not do that. I believe in Jesus as Messiah for the Whole World, explains Benjamin.

The Ethiopian family has got their application for refugee status rejected by UNCHR.  In about 10 days Aziev will give birth. Now they are left without money to even medial care.

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily “”.

My comment:

The dark side of the state of Israel, is Orthodox Jews persecution of Messianic Jews. Christian Zionist must acknowledge that the Messianic Jews are our brothers and sisters, and that the Orthodox Jews are not saved.

And if Orthodox Jews are not saved, than we must be careful not to accept them as righteous, and not mix up politics and spiritual matters. A Jew who fights for His homeland but rejects Jesus is equally bound for eternity in Hell, as all gentiles who rejects Him.

To support the Jewish peoples right to a homeland is a must for all Christians. Claimed “Christians” who reject the Jews right to Eretz Israel, has been deceived to follow a copy cat “Messiah:.

There are errors of both sides of the gap between right and wrong.

The Jewish people needs to repent, and accept the gospel about the Messiah. To support the state of Israel is not going to take anyone to Heaven. Only Jesus can do that.

   John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Please do both. Stand up for the Jewish people’s right to live in Zion, and support Messianic Jews’s right to the land where Jesus grew up.

One thought on “Jews who believe in Jesus persecuted in Israel

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