Hardly any in Church of Sweden believe in Jesus

Only 15 per cent of members of Church of Sweden believe in Jesus. “We are a Church that is inclusive”, explains Bishop Eva Brunne.

Eva Brunne is Bishop of a bunch of ungodly pagans in Sweden.

The Church in Sweden is one of the most liberal in the world. Among the Lutheran Christians, there are now only 15 per cent who have faith in Jesus.

Bishop Eva Brunne is not alarmed.

“That we have atheists among us, express that we are a Church that makes people curious. We are also a democratic Church, and a Church that is inclusive”, explains Brunne who is Bishop of Stockholm.

Source: Dagen.se.

My comment:

There will never be a day, where everyone who visits a Church building will be believers. But Jesus never called a “building” a Church.

The Church is a fellowship of living stones, a gathering of people who believe in Jesus.

That only 15 per cent of the “Christians” in Sweden believe in Jesus, is the best sign there is that Church membership should not be granted to infant’s that have been “baptized”.

Infants do not have faith. They might not believe in Jesus a single day of their life.

In Baptist or Pentecostal Churches, all members must have confessed faith in Jesus and be baptized before they are enrolled by the church registrar.

Not complicated, and absolutely Biblical.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Hardly any in Church of Sweden believe in Jesus

  1. When John the Baptist was calling to people Repent and be baptized he
    certainly was not addressing infants! How people can think baptizing infants
    is correct is beyond me!

    So sad about the Scandinavian churches! Seems this is what happens to
    the church when the church is “nationalized”. Many of the great cathedrals
    in Europe stand empty. But you are absolutely right, the church is the body
    of Christ, not the building! I am praying for the remnant of true believers left
    in Sweden! God help them to speak the truth of Christ to their countrymen!

    1. Thank you Truthlover for praying for the true believers left in Sweden, we really need a lot of prayers!

      I work as a teacher in English and Germn, but I don’t have a permanent job, only temporary substitute jobs. That gives me opportunity to meet many young people (age about 13-16) and to tell the Gospel for them. So I would be very happy if you pray for me to keep on witnessing for the young kids.

      In Christ

  2. According to your link Dagen.se there are more than 988 000 persons within Church of Sweden that says that they belive in Jesus. Thats about 10% of Swedens whole population. How many countries can say that they have 10% of their countries population as members of their church that says that they belive in Jesus?
    And you say that hardly anyone belive in Jesus in Church of Sweden…maybe you need to check your facts and links to your own blogg before you make such false statements?

    1. Dear Daniel


      Thanks for correcting me in love. The headline “hardly any” is linked to the 15 per cent of people who are MEMBERS of the the Church of Sweden, and DO believe. When the absolute majority, more than 3/4 of the MEMBERS of a Church do not believe in Jesus, it is rather pathetic. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Than it is fully understood that the devil Him self can be elected to the leadership of such a “Church”.

      I do rejoice about the Swedes who believe in Jesus. I hope and pray they do not believe in some of the fakes that are presented in the Church of Sweden, but hold on to Jesus of the Bible. I hope they are non compromising Christians who rebukes all the fake and falsehood among their Bishops.

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