Blair works for European superstate and the Pope

One president over 400 million people in Europe. That is the goal of former Prime Minister of UK, Tony Blair.

The President and his Pope. Tony Blair wants to form the United States of Europe.

In his interview with The Times, the former prime minister calls for an elected president of the European Union, selected by an electorate of nearly 400 million people.

According to Blair, this “would give the EU clear leadership and enormous authority on the world stage.” It is essential for Europe to have “strong, collective leadership and direction.”

This is necessary, Blair believes, because “we won’t have the weight and influence a country like Britain needs unless we’re part of that European power as well.”

Significantly, his grand scheme is all about “power, not peace”, with a muscular Brussels supposedly taking on the rising ’superpower’ in Beijing:

“In a world in particular in which China is going to become the dominant power of the 21st century, it is sensible for Europe to combine together, to use its collective weight in order to achieve influence. And the rationale for Europe today therefore is about power, not peace.”

Source: Telegraph.UK,blog.

My comment:

Jesus is the King of Kings. There are many Kingdoms on Earth, and the national states have been the basis for development of local self governing rule. Jesus has blessed a lot of Kingdoms in the pasted 2.000 years.

Tony Blair do not want to have national states, and absolutely not strong, independent self governing local rules and regulations.

The whole Europe must come together and “elect” a King over hundreds of different ethnic people, who will never be able to understand each other. They must rely on the Bilderberg’ers, and the European elite’s rule and regulations.

The Global elite will eventually form a One World Government. A Roman Catholic like Tony Blair will also like to see a One World religion, where people of all faith’s come together and worship a “good god in Heaven” with the Pope as the “global peacemaker”.

The reign of the last falsehood is about to begin. On top of the pyramid’s made by Blair and Co, will be a wicked man who perform great miracles and wonders to deceive even the elect, if possible.

Everyone that wants to make it to heaven, must reject these “special regime’s” of the Blair’s. Europe has paid with blood to get rid of similar kingmakers as Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hither. These two Roman Catholics wanted to make the “United States of Europe” with the Pope as the religious head.

Blair promotes the same wicked idea, that earlier have been taught to those who listen to demons. The consequences have always been catastrophic.

Written by Ivar

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