Libyan missiles smuggled into Gaza form Egypt

The “humanitarian aid” from Egypt to Hamas have come in form of better missiles.

Islamic terrorists strike a school buss in Southern Israel 7th of April 2011. 5 minutes before the explosion, the buss was full. "Only" 2 hurt by the missile.

Hundreds of Grad rockets with ranges of 60-70 km. have been smuggled into Gaza in recent weeks.

This rockets are strengthening Hamas and posing a serious threat to Israel, the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported Sunday.

The weapons were smuggled from Libya through Egypt and into Gaza via underground tunnels, the report said. While Egyptian authorities were trying to intercept the weapons, many convoys managed to reach Gaza.

Israeli officials had received information that Russian-made anti-tank missiles that had been sold to Libya were now in the hands of rebel forces in the south, the newspaper said, adding that Israeli security officials feared the missiles would be smuggled into Gaza.

Source: Maariv-Maan News-PA

My comment:

The “spring” in Egypt has resulted in a fresh summer in Gaza. While the Egyptians were neglecting the defense of its border with Gaza, the Islamic smugglers held a party.

Fresh rockets that can hit Tel Aviv are now been made ready in the Hamas camp.

If the Russian anti-tank missiles have entered Gaza, the Israeli army will face fatalities the next time a tank brigade are entering Gaza to penalize Hamas.

The Islamic war on Israel is getting hotter than July.

Written by Ivar

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