Turk to Jewish female: “You should have burnt in Auswich”

When Anja Savosnick (23) meet a Turk in Oslo she got this message” “You should have burned in Auswich”.

Anja outside the synagogue in Oslo. Jew-hate in Norway is on the rise

The Turkish boy living in Norway also spitted after her.”It was a night in January. I was out for an evening with friends. A group of Turkish boys approached us” explain Savosnick.

When the Turks became aware that Anja Savosnick was Jewish, trouble started.
– I found the situation so threatening, that I denied I was Jewish. First than the group calmed down, says Savosnick.

The most angry Turkish boy claimed that he earlier had nothing against Jews. But after the “aid ship” Mavi Marmara tried to break the Naval blockade of Gaza, He started to hate Israel and the Jewish people.

Source: Dagen.no

My comment:

Jew-hate did not die with the Nazi regime in Germany. Jew-hate has been around since the day the Jewish people was elected by God of the Bible to bring salvation to the World.

The devil has always been after them. And so are all who have made Satan their father.

Jew-hate is on the rise in Turkey. Simply because Islam reject that the Jews are the chosen people of God.

Another problem is, that after 1400 years with Islam, not a single Muslim majority state respect democracy and human rights. Even in Turkey, there is a ban on political parties that are either “anti-Government”, or do not get more than 10 per cent of the votes in the elections.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Turk to Jewish female: “You should have burnt in Auswich”

  1. Best way I teach you
    Lord Yeshua said “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’
    But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”mt5:38,39
    who hates me, let pray for him; this is God’s will
    and if we loves ourself, what more good from those unbeliever
    If you are a Jewish and yourselfs defense, what more good those who do not believe God the father and our Lord Yeshua

    and don’t stumble at my reply and don’t go way of Kain’s way
    We are all under sin and let love one another in Yeshua HaMashiha

  2. Perhaps the muslims should ask allah why they lose every war they start? Why are the jews are back in the land and not them? Why didn’t the desert bloom for allah’s followers when they were in the land? Is it because allah is impotent, and weak? Compare the Bible to the koran, the Bible is replandete with hope, wisdom, and beauty, while the words of the koran are like sandpaper, they are twisted, empty, and profoundly evil. While you’re laying on your face 5x’s a day ask allah why the jews have so many Nobel Prize winners and the muslims have who?? Oh Yeh, That sawed-off terroist Arafat and that token Obama. Well, I stand corrected. My bad.

  3. Jewish families in Norway today should start having ‘Russian Black Terrier’ Dogs as pets, they are splendid protectors of family members and make excellent ‘Bodyguards, many stand up to 80c/m to their shoulders and can weigh up to around 70kg. being in possession of one such dog will certainly stop those Jew-hating barbarians in their tracks from attacking anyone.

  4. If I would have been witness to that scene where some piece of garbage spat out such evilness to a young Jewish Norwegian girl, I more than likely would have crippled that bastard for life. Slime like that have no right to live.

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