PLO: “Stop Israel playing handball in Sweden”

Around 150 people demonstrate at stadium in Karlskrona, Sweden police say protest did not turn violent.

The PLO flag used during demonstrations against a handball match in Southern Sweden. This is Karlskrona yesterday.

A European Championship qualifier match between the Israeli and Swedish handball teams on Sunday sparked protests urging a boycott of Israel on the grounds that it is an “apartheid state.”

Police say around 150 pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered outside a sports stadium in the town of Karlskrona in southern Sweden, where the match was held. One person was taking into custody three hours into the demonstration.

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz

My comment:

It is worth mentioning that Karlskrona today is the center for the Neo-Nazis in Sweden. They supported the demonstrations against a handball match between Israel and Sweden.

PLO terrorists kills 11 Israeli sportsmen for "allah" in Munich in 1972.

The other groups who supported this demonstrations were supporters of Islamic Jihad.

Earlier leftist politicians in Sweden also have joined such anti-Jewish protests.

Quite a rainbow alliance against the state of Israel.

In 1972 such protests lead to a terrorist attack on the Olympic games in Munich in Germany. It was called Operation Black September. 11 Israeli sportsmen were slaughtered by the “Arab Palestinians”.

Neo-Nazism took its toll in Munich in 1972. Neo-Nazism lives on in Sweden.

Written by Ivar

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