Muslims hurdles stone on Jews from Temple Mount

Israeli security forces stormed Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Friday after Muslims there began hurling stones at Jews praying at the Western Wall below.

Police in Jerusalem had to storm the Temple Mount to stop Muslims who hurdle stones on Jews who pray.

Non-lethal crowd control methods were used to disperse the dozens of Muslim rioters, and three young Arabs were arrested for taking a leading role in the violence.

No Jews were injured by the dozens of stones that were thrown down from the top of the Temple Mount.

Most weeks, Israel restricts access to Friday prayers atop the Temple Mount to Muslims over the age of 50 in order to avoid precisely this kind of violence. But, because the site had been quiet for many weeks, the police decided to lift the restriction last week. They likely won’t make that mistake again any time soon.

In related news, a Muslim mob raided and razed a small Jewish community in the Jordan Valley following Friday prayers at a local mosque.

Apparently whipped into a frenzy by an anti-Jewish sermon (which are all too common in Palestinian mosques), an estimated 200 Palestinian Arabs arrived at the Gaon Hayarden outpost armed with clubs and metal chains.

The few Jewish youth who were at the outpost (one of many set up without government approval and in defiance of international pressure) resisted briefly before escaping with their lives.

The Temple Mount is a hot spot for all Jew-haters. The Israel police keep a close watch.

The Muslim mob burned several tents and small structures, including one used for prayer and containing numerous Jewish holy books.

One of the Muslim leaders told Israel’s Ynet news portal that the Jews of Judea and Samaria could expect more such raids in the future.

Source:  Israel Today

My comment:

Not all Muslims are throwing stones on Jews. But almost all Muslims claims that the Jews are not God’s chosen people. They support those who claim the state of Israel is occupied by aliens and the enemies of “allah”.

Islam is a false revelation that is not from God Most High. Muhammad was a false prophet, who got his revelation from a desert demon.

Islam manifest it self in violence, also in Jerusalem. Wicked people gathered on the Jew-free Temple Mount on regular basis throw stones on Jews who are not doing other “harm” than praying.

Eternal shame will be the payment for all who recognizes Islam, and wants to build “Interfaith projects” with Muslims.  The Holy Spirit will not back up such religious stuff. Stern judgment will follow those who side with people who have made the devil their father.

Written by Ivar

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