GPS mobiles could have cost us our lifes.

Today, I was going to a fellowship in a city in the third World. Unfortunately the public hall had been given to a Muslim party.

This Church in Orissa in India was easy to find and burn.

The hall owner had broken his promise to a Christian Church. The Muslims got the preference. The Pastor was not informed in advance. He came to the door of the hall, and was given a cold shoulder.

The Pastor had to act swiftly.

The persecuted Christians gathered in a home instead. The owner of the home was a poor lady, living on 10 square meters. We were 30 worshiping Lord Jesus in her single room.

I was thinking. If we all had had GPS mobile phones, “someone” would have known we were in this place. A bucket of petrol would have done the job. 30 martyrs in one shoot.

There are people dying for their faith in Jesus as we speak. Physical public Churches are burnt or destroyed.

The last frontiers will be private House Churches, and enlarged Christian families.

When persecution comes to the Western World,  you will understand that you have been trapped by your own technology.

Do not take the GPS-chip under your skin. If you come to visit us, switch your GPS mobile phone off.

   Luke 21:15-17

For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. Everyone will hate you because of me.

Disconnect the battery, so “someone” do not know you are connected to the true Church of Jesus The Messiah.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “GPS mobiles could have cost us our lifes.

  1. We have smashed our two mobil phones and will not get another…I have never liked them and we only turned them on once every few months. I never used it to talk to any one just for emergencies….when I started reading about the tracking and the fact that the govt here in the States will have the power to take ove your phone to listen in as well as tracking we took them out side and took a hammer to them Wish I could show you the photos!
    Thank you God Bless you and your work love the site!

    1. Dear Sara


      I still have a mobile phone, but one without GPS. I am capable of moving around without GPS, and do not want “someone” I do not know, to always know my whereabouts.

  2. Does anyone remember long before the HD TV’s were mandatory…even before they were an item to check out…the Internet had many ..web sites that talked about the ‘Latest’ in technology…of how it would become ”mandatory” so the government could contact and/or see you thru them. Now this sounds crazy to some..many joked about putting reynolds wrap around it so it could not see them after they cut it off. Yet the ‘crazy talk’….Became ‘MANDATORY’ around the World! hmm….not so crazy! Senator McCain was on a Radio talk show in the early 1970’s, the Host asked him, Why did you vote for the New Currency…and tell your people here in Arizona that you did not vote for it ..yet you promised them you would not vote for it. He told the Host, He got promises of x-amount of dollars, if he voted for it, and he decided it would be best for Arizona to have new bridges, better highways…etc…”This I heard…also the RFID Chip was discussed on the same show…Yes I do believe this was long ago put into motion a set up in several areas!

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