Already in 1919 Hitler wrote: “The uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether,”. This was six years before Main Kampf.

UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberline knew about the rabid Jew-hate of Hitler. Still He made "peace deals" with him.

The document who expose the Nazi-leader, is a 4-page letter signed by Adolf Hitler, dated September 16, 1919, six years before the publication of Mein Kampf.

Hitler describes his hatred of Jews outlining his plans which call for:

  “The uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether,” which he says can only be accomplished, “Under a government of National strength and never under a government of National impotence.”

The existence the first written record of Adolf Hitler’s obsessive hostility toward Jews, an embryonic form of the worldview that would later lead to the Holocaust and millions of deaths.

The first Holocaust promoting letter of Adolf Hitler is from 1919.

Now, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles has acquired what it believes may be the original version of the document, known as the Gemlich letter.

In July, the center plans to put it on public view for the first time, at its Museum of Tolerance, making the letter the centerpiece of its Holocaust exhibit.

The text of the letter is well known to scholars. It is considered significant because it demonstrates just how early in his career Hitler was formulating his anti-Semitic views.

“It is his first written statement about the Jews,” said the historian Saul Friedlander, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2008 for his study of the Holocaust.

It shows that this was the very core of his political passion.”

Source: The News York Times

My comment:

The World knew about the absurd Jew-hate expressed by Adolf Hitler. Still the International community ignored it.

60 million people had to be slaughtered during World War II during the bid to remove the Nazi-regime in Berlin.

Mahmoud Abbas is a Holocaust deniar.

The World knows about the absurd Jew-hate of the PLO.

The proposed “Palestinian state” will be as cleansed for Jews as Nazi-Germany. Mahmoud Abbas wants to remove all Jewish settlements from the Mountains of Zion. Jews shall also be banned from building homes and live in East Jerusalem.

The World does not only know about the rabid Jew-hate of Mahmoud Abbas.  The International community support the PLO, and have funded the establishment of their national regime in Ramallah.

What make the supporters of the PLO, any day different from the people who made deals with the Nazis?

Written by Ivar