Only five percent of Catholics in Dublin go for mass. “Those who do not take the Eucharist are not proper Christians, claims Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

Pope Benedict and Archbioshop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin excommunicate people who do not "eat" the Catholic copy Jesus.

Ireland is no longer a proper “Christian nation”. This is the claim form Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin.

“Now it is true Sunday Mass attendance is not the only statistic which indicates an affiliation with the Church and with the mission of Jesus Christ. But it is hardly possible to remain truly a Christian if one has no contact over years with the Eucharist. This is why the Eucharistic Congress can offer an important contribution in the path of renewal.”

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin are concerned that so few Catholics in Ireland attend mass, that the nations have hardly any “Christians” left.

“Many outside of Ireland still believe that Ireland is a bastion of traditional Catholicism,” Archbishop Martin said.

They are surprised to discover that there are parishes in Dublin where the presence at Sunday Mass is some 5 per cent of the Catholic population and, in some cases, even below 2 per cent. On any particular Sunday about 18 per cent of the Catholic population in the Archdiocese of Dublin attends Mass.”

Though he acknowledged that Dublin Mass attendance is “considerably lower than in any other part of Ireland,” he reported that for the second time since he became archbishop (in 2004), there will be no priestly ordinations this year “and the coming years indicate only a tiny trickle of new vocations.”


My comment:

It is not possible for anyone to believe that the pervert priest in Ireland have ever been Christians. A governmental report in Ireland claimed 150.000 Children might have been sexual abused by Roman Catholic priests since the 1930-ties.

Have such priests ever known Jesus the Messiah?

Is it a must for those who believe in Jesus, to have spiritual fellowship with such priests, to be allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven?

To radical opposite, the Sex scandals in the Vatican Church expose the whore of Babylon.  If Catholics shall have any chance of being saved by Jesus, they must stop supporting this false “Church” who have been deceived by Bishops and Cardinals who hide criminals.

That is exactly what the Irishmen has done.  Now I pray that they will not become secular, but rather read the Bible and obey what is written.  Amen.

The priest of Rome claim that Jesus the Messiah is physically present in the round white man made wafer.  In a bizarre doctrine, Catholics are told that to accept Jesus, you have to eat Him.  And if you do not eat Him, you will not be allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is blasphemy.

Irishmen. Stay away from Catholic Churches, but rather join a good Baptist or Pentecostal fellowship, where people reject the Papacy and obey the scriptures.

You have got many warnings, that the Catholic “Church” represent a perversion of the truth. Now you choose wisely.

Read more about the Vatican cover up of their priests sex crimes in Ireland.

Written by Ivar