Israeli Army on High alert for week of border tentions

‘We won’t let anyone infiltrate Israel, and if need be will use live ammunition,’ military source says‬‬.

The Israeli army were taken by surprised on the Nakba day 15th of May. Not to happen again.

The Israel Defense Forces and Police are on high alert ahead of ‘Naksa Day’ marking 44 years since the break out of the Six Day

Security forces are gearing up for protests and marches in borders and all sectors, similar to those held three weeks ago on the deadly ‘Nakba Day.’ The IDF vowed to prevent any infiltration into Israel and is threatening the use of live fire.


My comment:

Even when there is trouble on all borders, life seems to go on as normal in Israel. I have been very close to Gaza for the last days, and the Jews are surprisingly calm.

Also Jerusalem was peaceful on the Sabbath. Inside the Muslim quarter of the Old City, Jews were shopping among thousands of tourists. It was business as usual.

The Jewish people have full trust in their army, that their generals and soldiers are fully in control.  The Jews have a great history, where God of the Bible has given them many victories on the battlefield.

As long as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is with them, Israel will be safe.

2 Samuel 12:29
So David mustered the entire army and went to Rabbah, and attacked and captured it.

Written by Ivar

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