Lebanon got scared of Israeli war preparations

Report: Lebanese Army closes off border with Israel to keep Naksa Day protesters from facing IDF.

The Lebanesse army tried to prevent Jihadist's to climb over the border fense with Israel on May 15th. The failed. Next time they better manage.

The Lebanese Army declared the area near the border with Israel a closed military zone on Thursday as Naksa Day approached, The Daily Star reported.

A source told the Lebanese daily that the move was meant to prevent keep protesters from the border in order to prevent them from facing IDF soldiers.

A planned rally on the border “could be replaced by celebrations at the Khiam detention center,” four kilometers from the border, the source told The Daily Star.

The IDF is taking extra precautions and preparing a firm but non-lethal response to any attempt to force the nation’s borders in the coming days, as Palestinians plan mass marches to mark Arab losses in the Six Day War.
Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The IDF has refused to release videos of the Lebanese army trying to block Hizb’Allah supporters climbing over the border fence to Israel.

The Israeli Government has told Beirut, that if the Lebanese army fails to prevent Lebanese citizens from trying to illegally enter Israel, Beirut will be held accountable.

Lebanon is surely not ready for another war with Israel.

The borders around Israel is secure, because of a strong Israeli army. The day the IDF is not the strongest army in the Middle East, the Arabs will surely attack. They all dream about revenge for the 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 an 1981 defeats.

Christians all over the World. Pray for the Israeli soldiers who keep the borders around Zion safe. Pray that they will meet Yeshua. He wants to become their best friend.

Written by Ivar

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