No Palestine if Obama veto’s the United Nation resolution

A “Palestinian state” can not become a UN member without a recommendation from the Security Council”.

Many Jews feel Obama hold the key to the future of Israel. Above Joseph Deiss, head of the General Assembly in the UN.

This is a statement from Joseph Deiss, the Swiss President of the General Assembly in the United Nations.

Joseph Deiss told a news conference that if the U.S. or any other permanent council member used its veto, the General Assembly would not be able to vote on membership for Palestine.

President Obama said last weekend that no vote at the UN would ever create a Palestinian state, a strong indication that the U.S. would veto such a resolution.

Deiss, a former president of the Swiss Confederation, said the requirements for UN membership are clearly stated in the UN Charter:

A state has to state its adherence to the Charter, the 15-member Security Council must then make a recommendation that requires nine “yes” votes and no veto by a permanent member, and only then can the General Assembly vote on membership, which must be approved by a two-thirds majority.

Source: AP

My comment:

The state of Israel needs to be focused.

Joseph Deiss and President Obama.

Is it the vote of President Obama, that shall save and rescue the Jewish statehood?

Or is the homeland for the Jewish people supported and protected by God of the Bible?

If Israel has to live or die because the American voting patterns in the United Nations, Israel is surly doomed for destruction.

The good news is that Obama is not “god”. He is not the eternal protector of the Jewish people. God of Israel, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the owner of Israel, and the protector of the Jewish people.

Written by Ivar

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