The Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre want to stop Friends of Israel from giving money to Jews who need homes.

The Norwegian Foreign Minster is one of the main supplier of Islamic terrorism against Israel. Jews on the mountains of Zion is his main target.

Norway is one of the most anti-Jewish nations in Europe. The Norwegian Foreign Minister lied about his relationship with Hamas. The minster was exposed in media as a PR agent for the Islamic terrorist organization.

Read more about the minister who is a former secret agent for the Hamas.

The latest anti-Jewish proclamation from Gahr Støre, is support for a change in the Norwwegian law, that will brand people who support Zionist Israel as criminals. To the Norwegian Christian daily,  the Minister has the following message:

“The Israeli policy of construction on the “West bank” is a breach of International law. Jewish settlements is a hindrance on the road to peace between Israel and the Palestinian people”.

To be able to stop these “Criminal Jews”, the Norwegian Foreign Minister want to cripple financial support for such construction of Jewish homes.

“Monetary support of settlements on the “West bank” is undermining the possibility for a peaceful solution to the conflict. Such contributions are worthy of criticism, and should not take place” explains Støre.

Source: Fœdrelandsvennen. no

My comment:

Adolf Hitler was of the opinion, that Jewish settlements in Germany and Poland was a hindrance to peace in Europe. The medicine against these criminal Jews, was to remove them.

The message from Jonas Gahr Støre is the same. The Jews who live on the Mountains in Zion is the hindrance to peace in the Middle East.

The only difference between Hitler and Garh Støre, is that Hitler was ruling in Berlin 66 years ago. The Norwegian Foreign minister is ruing in Oslo today.

The Norwegian Government are at best equal criminals as Jews who build schools, synagogues and kinder gardens. The cabinet of Ministers in Oslo promotes, supplies and support Arabic construction on the so-called “West bank”.  Since this land is disputed, it is the faith of the builders that makes a man a criminal in the eye of Gahr Støre. Not the construction.

Because if all who built on the mountains in Zion were followers of Muhammad, than everything would be good and permissible. But if a man claims faith in God of Israel, he is the very “enemy of peace of humanity” that must be removed.

Gahr Støre is at best a racist. But I would like to warn all readers about this Jew-hater. He wants to make the mountains in Zion a “Jew free zone”, as cleansed for Jews as Nazi-Germany was in 1944.

Written by Ivar