Netanyahu desires “Palestinian state” in exchange for peace

“If PA President Mahmoud Abbas accepts Israel as a the Jewish State, ninety percent of the conflict will be resolved”

Benjamin Netanyahu came to his own in the US Congress. He agrees with the US, that a "Palestinian state" must be formed.

This is recorded as a statement by Cabinet secretary Zvi Hause reported by Israel Radio on Tuesday.

Cabinet secretary Zvi Hauser says Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress successfully “put the ball in the Palestinians’ court”.

Cabinet secretary Hauser said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made clear in his speech to the US Congress that “the ball is now in the Palestinians’ court” and if PA President Mahmoud Abbas accepts Israel as a the Jewish State, “ninety percent of the conflict will be resolved,”.

Hauser stated that all remaining problems could be negotiated, but it seems that there is “not the slightest hint that the Palestinians were willing to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people”.

The cabinet secretary said that Netanyahu expects Abbas to renounce Fatah’s unity agreement with Hamas.

Hauser would not give any specifics into Netanyahu’s claims in the speech that some settlements would end up beyond Israel’s border as part of an agreement with the Palestinians.

He said that the prime minister’s point was that he is willing to give the Palestinians an offer “generous enough” to lead to a peace agreement.

Hauser said that by doing so, Netanyahu showed that the problem was not territory, but rather the Palestinian refusal to accept Israel. 

The prime minister was scheduled to return to Israel on Wednesday afternoon.

Source:  Jerusalem Post

My comment:

If you accept the principle of a “Palestinian state”, the battle is already lost. Because when a ‘Palestinian state” is formed, it will be almost impossible to get rid of it.

The Arabs have a religion that permits them to lie. Islam gives every Muslim permission to lie, if it is beneficial for “allah”. So to recognize the state of Israel and simultaneously work for its destruction is possible. Benjamin Netanyahu, or a future Prime Minister of Israel, will be fooled into a false peace treaty, signed by wicked liars.

Israel was fooled in the Oslo process to accept a “Palestinian state” in principle, as a new statehood that can bring peace to Israel.  The truth is that such a statehood will not bring peace. This statehood will quickly become a tool used by the enemies of the Jewish people.

There can never be a “Palestinian state”, because there is no “Palestinian people”. The name “Palestine” was a Roman Empire invention to mock the Jewish people, a bid to rob them from their historical connection to this land.

After the Arabs lost the 1948 war, they started to embraced the name “Palestine”. The Arab League excluded millions of fellow Arabs from citizenship and statehood, and called them “Palestinians”. The Arabs made their fellow Muslim brothers “refugees”. These stateless Arabs, are used as a tool in the ongoing war to destroy the Jewish homeland.

This is the truth.

Written by Ivar

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