When sport turns into idol worship of Zeus

The Olympic games was established to honor the Greek “god” Zeus.

Professional cyclist George Hincapie returns his gold medal from the Olympic games i Athene.

The latest exposure of drugs inside cycling by US Gold Medalist George Hincapie, expose what professional sports is all about. He has returned his gold medal from the Olympic Games in Athene. Professional cycling is totally socked into sin, drugs, corruption and money.

Many people have “no time” to join Christian fellowships, nor any time to study the Bible. They are too busy running between different sports arenas, or watching sports on TV.

Worshiping gold money, at the arena where Zeus were worshiped.

Paul the Jewish apostle acknowledge that physical activity does have some value. But in regards to modern day profession sport, such activity have become “money worship”around a pagan religion.

1 Timothy 4:8
For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Little does  modern sportsmen know, that they have been deceived by the Greek pagan god “Zeus”.

Lets take a look at who he is, and the origin of his arena of worship:

Zeus is the old Greck pagan King of all gods.
Zeus was strong, so he could fight evil. Zeus against Typhoeus, Amphora, Munich Museum
Zeus is the idol for people who believe in body and strength. His energy is from the thunderbolt.
Athena from the Aphaia Temple protector of NATO (The Atlantic Alliance)

This is the statue of the god in whose honor the Ancient Olympic games were held. It was located on the land that gave its very name to the Olympics. At the time of the games, wars stopped, and athletes came from Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and Sicily to celebrate the Olympics and to worship their king of gods: Zeus.

Source: Authentic Wonders.com

The worst hidden satanic worship of Zeus, is today found inside football. It is all about money, and FIFA is one of the most damnable and corrupt organizations on the face of the Earth.

David Backham as Shiva, hif wife Victoria as Parvati and Brooklyn as Hindu god Ganesh.

If you are lead into this kind of demonic worship of the sportsmen who honor money, you have to repent.

This kind of idol worship leads to eternal death, a fatal and complete disconnection from the living God, Jesus of Nazareth.

In a move which will delight the Old Trafford faithful and bring dismay to many others, the Manchester United star is shown sitting on a throne in a crown and robes as the Hindu deity Shiva.

On his lap is Victoria as the goddess Parvati, while their son Brooklyn becomes the elephant god Ganesh.

Source: The BBC.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “When sport turns into idol worship of Zeus

  1. “At the time of the games, wars stopped, and athletes came from Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and Sicily to celebrate the Olympics and to worship their king of gods: Zeus.” Okay, sure, bad pagan god worship and what have you. But the wars stopped. Perhaps they had the right idea.

  2. Ivar
    For sure this idolatry of sports worship has its claws into the lives of americans. their is not one day in the year that sports idolatry is not worshipped. And sad to say it begins being instigated in the lives of small children. They grow up thinking and believing its right and good to do that. Worship to the true living God gets set aside all the time.
    A sad testimony for americans.Good article Ivar. I couldn’t agree with you any more

    1. Dear Todd.


      Thanks for blessing me, in regards to the article who expose sport as a new global religion. The pagan worship of Zeus is back.

  3. You know you can type in “Olympic Games History” on Google Search (or any other search engine) and you will have all kinds of sites to visit and learn about the history (ancient and modern) of the Olympic Games.

    Yes, they are said to have started in Olympia, Greece. Yes, the Greeks were pagans, or heathen, or without knowledge of the true God. They had many gods they worshipped in various ways,
    some very bad ways, some not so bad, as far as the standards of the world, innocent ways shall we say, like various basic sports
    skills such as wrestling, running and whatever else was looked
    upon as a sport skill in those Greek ages of the time before


    As the original Olympic Games was connected to a pagan
    nation (meaning a nation without the true knowledge of the true
    God) that worshipped gods that really were no gods at all, is it
    then bad or even SIN for a Christian to participate (this I use
    all through the article meaning the Christian will still observe
    the Sabbath and not participate in their skill on the Sabbath) or
    even watch the Olympic Games? Some, because the Olympics was
    connected with false Greek worship will say it is very much like
    observing Christmas and/or Easter, and Christians should have
    nothing to do with it – kinda shun it all in thoughts, words, and

    Some might think this special event every four YEARS is part
    of the “years” mentioned by the apostle Paul in Galatians 4:10.
    Is this really so? There are studies on this Website that expound
    the truth of Galatians 4:10. I will say no more here, but refer
    the reader to those studies.

    Let’s suppose there is a case for not observing in any form
    the Olympic Games.
    We now need to ask some questions.
    Is it wrong also to observe the WINTER Olympic Games, in
    viewing or participating? Is the Winter Olympics connected to
    some pagan nation that we can find in history did winter sport
    skills in the name of their god or gods? What about the “year”
    the Winter Olympics are held (it is now not the same year as the
    summer Olympics, it was changed in the last decade or so as I
    write in 2008). Is there some “mystic religion” tied to the
    “year” of those world Athletic Games?

    We could ask the question what about the MANY sport skills
    in either of the Olympic Games (summer or winter) that most
    definitely were not in the original Greek games in the Olympia
    city. Is the type of sport skills that were in the original
    Olympia Games SIN while the other sport skills are not sin? Is
    part of the Summer or Winter Olympic Games sin while other part
    are not sin? Can we watch SOME sport skills and not watch others
    because they are tied into in some way, back to the Games in

    IF you could insist that BOTH the Summer and Winter Olympic
    Games are sinful paganism not for Christians to enter into in any
    form. What about the “World” Championship Games that are held on
    a regular basis for track and field, soccer, ice skating,
    gymnastics and other sport skills? Are they also sin and not for
    Christians to view or participate in? Are the “years” they are
    held in a part of what Paul was talking about in Galatians 4:10?
    Is there something about the “World” games connected to a pagan
    nation? I guess some could probably find they are if they dug
    deep enough, or twisted history to suit their case. It is
    surprising what the human mind can dig up if it really wants to.

    So, going with the argument that what we have put forth so
    far in world sport events, is pagan and is sinful, we need to ask
    the next question. Is the British Commonwealth Games (held in
    certain “years” once more) of pagan origin and hence sin to view
    and participate in? Again, some might say yes to that question.

    Next question. Is the Pan-American Games (held in certain
    “years”) also pagan and sinful?

    Is the World Soccer Games (held every four years) connected
    with “years” and of some pagan ties? Well, certainly there are
    probably some nations and their teams that do not espouse
    Christianity, hence some may believe they are sinful.

    Next question.
    Can nations of the earth “do away with” their “gods” as the
    ancients had them, taking “religion” out of the equation, and be
    allowed to still have their sport skill games, as shall we say
    “cleaned up” from the clothes of the past, and be given new
    clothes that have no “religious” powder on them? Or, because of
    the past ages, are the nations of the earth forever condemned as
    “gross pagan” for all times, hence no Christian should have
    anything to do with such world games as the Olympics?

    Next question.
    Can you find a specific verse in the Bible that would
    condemn world sport athletic competitions, whatever name they go

  4. Hi Taylor
    Just a comment on your last question
    I don’t no of any verse that condemns world sport competition
    I don’t believe the issue is the games themselves. The bible doesn’t condemn it. Paul even uses competing in a race and finishing comparing the race that is marked
    out for us and how we are to run this spiritual race to finish well in the end. The main idea that the writer of this article (and the great job that he has done in writing it)is trying to emphasize is that when sports consumes much or all of our time and disables us to spend time in our corprate worship and or fellowship and not even mentioning our own personal worship with our creator then Sports is idolatry.
    To have our minds focused mostly on sports makes it very hard to focus on God in our prayer time and even in our worship because thoughts are easily interupted
    by sports.
    Believers that treasure the time to watch sports and I’m talking about those who just have to have a daily fix from it to satisfy their desires are engaging in Idolatry. This is a god that replaces the God

    1. Be careful….dear…what is in your heart is showing!!
      James 1:15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

      James 1:16 Do not err, my beloved brethren

      Matthew 15:18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.

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