Norwegian MP: Stop criminals who support Jewish settlers

The Norwegian police should investigate organizations who collect money to Jewish settlers.

Conservative MP Petter Gittmark wants to make the Mountains of Zion a "Jew free zone".

This is a public statement by Conservative Norwegian MP Petter Gitmark. He wants to bring an end to Norwegian support for Jewish setters in Judea and Samaria.

” Financial support given to Jewish settlers on Palestinian land is an act of criminality. The Norwegian police must investigate organizations who raise funds for contructions beyond the 1967-lines, explains Gitmark to the Norwegian Newspaper “Fœdrelandsvennen”.

Gittmark demands that all Norwegian submit to International law, and that no religion should lead its members into criminality. Such acts must be punished, demands Gitmark.
– Such support is today honored by a tax-free regime. We must end this arrangements immediately, demands Gitmark.  He request the police to act swiftly.

Source: Norwegian daily  “Dagen”

My comment:

We can not expect non-Christians to accept the Bible as the authority of how we shall relate to Israel.

Neither non-Christian ordinary citizens, nor members of Parliaments.

But to elected members of Parliament, we can raise some demands.

They must be able to read, understand and quote correctly from International Law.

Is Arab construction on disputed land illegal?

If the answer is yes, why do the Norwegian Government support Arabian construction on the mountains in Zion with tens of millions of dollars?

If such Arabian construction is illegal, than the Norwegian government is the criminals that the Police must investigate.

If such Arabian construction is not illegal, neither is Jewish constructions on the same land illegal.

Illegal constructions has nothing to do with the faith of the constructor.  Disputed land is disputed regardless if you are a Muslim or a Jew.

That something is restricted for “Jews only” is  basically the message from men like Adolf Hitler.  He tried to make Europe a “Jew free zone”.  The Mountains of Zion has never been, and must never become a “Jew free zone”

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Norwegian MP: Stop criminals who support Jewish settlers

  1. You have no idea what yo are saying you clueless being!Israel belongs to the Jews and even if no country supported Israel then GOD would defend and make this country the most prosperous country in the world. And if He were to do that then jealousy would rage from every nation and try to attack Israel. Can’t the nations see that they are angry with the Almighty for the prosperity of this land! They are so consumed that they feel sick to destroy Israel as a Jewish nation! Jesus will have the last Word!!!

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