Abbas has brought Fatah and Hamas together around a strategy of getting a statehood without peace.

Two Arab terrorists join hands. Abu Mazen and Khaled Meshaal. Their goal is the destruction of Israel.

If anyone doubted whether there was real substance to the Hamas-Fatah “unity government,” Mahmoud Abbas’ New York Times op-ed provides the proverbial teachable moment.

After statehood, he dismisses even the pretense of working toward peace. Instead, he openly promises that Palestine would assault Israel relentlessly in international legal, political, and diplomatic fora.

This is where Fatah and Hamas now join together in substance as well as appearance.

Until today, Fatah had convinced the world that it had submitted to the linkage of peace with statehood: a Palestinian state would only arise through negotiations with Israel that, at their completion, would require the Palestinians to cease their claims against the Jewish state and declare the conflict over.

Hamas, on the other hand, has been perfectly happy to give its blessing to the creation of a Palestinian state – just so long as the continuation of terrorism and the quest for the ultimate destruction of Israel, diplomatically and otherwise, is preserved.

Today, Abbas has brought Fatah and Hamas together in this goal. It is an important moment. Both factions now agree on a strategy of statehood without peace.

Source: Noah Pollak in Commentary

My comment:

When Israel recognized the PLO as a “Peace partner”, the agreement was based on a promise that the PLO would make peace with Israel, before there can be any kind of “Arab Palestinian” statehood.

Now, the International community seems to be ready to support a statehood for blunt terrorists. They demand a statehood, but are not at all interested in recognizing the state of Israel.

To allow the PLO to build a base on the Mountains in Zion is one of the biggest mistakes the state of Israel has done.  The PLO was expelled from Lebanon as a fruit if the 1981 war. At that time this terrorist organization should have been crippled, never to rise again. Their exile among dictators in North Africa should have been made permanent.

It was France, Norway and the US who put pressure on Israel to build a terrorist base in Ramallah. Now Israel ripe what the Jewish statehood was forces to sow.  It is a tragedy.  This mistake will be almost fatal. But almost fatal.  The Islamic and International falsehood towards the Jewish people will culminate with the return of the Messiah.

People of Israel:  Put your trust in Him. Yeshua is alive. Yeshua is coming back.

Written by Ivar