Obama made PLO and Yasser Arafat his hero

President Barak Hussein Obama use the PLO charter as a base for his “new” Middle East policy.

They all legalized Yasser Arafat, and made Islamic terrorism a part of the political correctness. Israel is about to be pushed into the slaughter house.

Yasser Arafat has got a new student. His name if Barack Husein Obama, and he is the president of the only Super Power left on Earth: The United States of America.

Is there reasons to be alarmed?

Obama is not a lonely rider in his war om the Jewish people.  Most of the World leaders have made Palestinian terrorism their model of how to relate to the state of Israel.

You better look at your own Prime Minister and President. What about the politicians than run the country you live in?

Do they call for a boycott of Israel, or to they voice their opinion against Obama?

The truth is that the large majority of the people of the Earth, do not pay any attention. Hundred of millions of claimed to be “Christians” are at best lukewarm, and Jesus gets physical sick when He is reminded about them. He is about to vomit.

The rest is completely disconnected.

The PLO was formed in 1964. That was when Islam held the territory they claim Israel is occupying today. And since Islam held the so called “West bank” and East Jerusalem in 1964, the PLO had other borders in mind, than to “liberate” the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The PLO was formed to work for the full destruction of the Jewish nation.

Israel liberated East Jerusalem in 1967. But all Muslims and Obama do not look recognize the 1967 war as a victory for human rights, freedom and democracy. They want the winners of the 1967 war to be renounced as looser’s. They demand that liberated Jewish land must be given back to the oppressors. America will help the looser’s to be declared the winners, so the war to exterminate the full state of Israel can go on.

The PLO and Obama is hell bent on completing what the Nazis did not manage to do. To force all Jews into a mini-statehood in the Middle East, at the size of a large conzentration camp. That is their ideal size of Israel.

When America helps Islam to push the Jews into the bunkers, there will be no one who can stop Islam from preparing for the final war. They will support the “final solution”, and be gathered for the final battle in Zion.

What is the solution?

The solution is the Messiah.  All Jews will be left alone, and will lock upwards. They will cry out in the name of Elohim Israel, and beg King Messiah to come and save them.  The majority of the Jews do not know that Jesus of Nazareth is about to return. He has always loved them, and He will come to their rescue.

Give your life to Yeshua today.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Obama made PLO and Yasser Arafat his hero

  1. Hello,

    In order for your article to be considered seriously, I would recommend checking grammar and spelling. Also, if you could reference or indicate some sort of fact, so that would give some sort of weight to your paper would make the message in your article more credible. Based on the headline, I wanted to forward this article to all my friends who are pro-Israel, but reading through your article, I pass on that notion, since it’s very poorly written. You got an important message, but you need to write it in a way that anybody who gives two cents about Israel would want to read it.

    1. Dear Ildiko


      I am sorry for my poor English. I took your advice, and corrected some grammar and spelling mistakes. If you see other mistakes, please tell me so I can correct them.

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