Obama is slated to offer Egypt one billion USD in aid, at Cairo’s request.

Obama is a new Pharaho. The next Egyptian government will be a horn that will rise up against Israel.

US President Barack Obama is slated to offer financial and democratic aid to the Arab world in his speech on Thursday, which will also address Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and unrest in Syria and Libya.

Obama is slated to offer Egypt 1$ billion in aid, at Cairo’s request, by dropping former debts and providing incentives and guarantees for investments in work places and developing trade with the European Union. The process is to be gradual and will require political and financial reforms including a war on corruption.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

It was indeed Barack Hussein Obama who triggered the new revolution in the Middle East, by His Cairo speech 4th of June 2009.

Since the Muslims responded to his branding of Islam as “a great religion of peace”, Obama will have to continue the uprising.

Since the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood is about to win a clear majority in the up coming Egyptian election, Obama’s money is a welcome boost for their election campaign.

For a billion dollar the brotherhood can buy a lot of extra votes, that will increase their chances of drafting the new Egyptian Constitution, after wining a 2/3 majority in the election.

Than Egypt will not only be ruled by Sharia Laws. The world will see another Islamic republic emerge, that will join Iran in the bid to delete Israel, and create another Islamic caliphate in the Middle East.

Written by Ivar