Netanyahu rejects suicide proposal from Hussein Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Israel would object to any withdrawal to “indefensible” borders.

Obama has become a huge threat to the very survival of the Jewish nation.

US President Obama gave Thursday his support for a two state solution based on 1967 borders. Benjamin Netanyahu says such a solution would leave many Israelis in the West bank outside Israel’s borders.

The Israeli Prime Minister said he expected Washington to allow it to keep major settlement blocs in any peace deal.

In a statement after President Barack Obama’s speech outlining Middle East strategy, Netanyahu said before heading to Washington that “the viability of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of Israel’s existence”.

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

Few friends of Israel hoped a semi-Islamic US President would side with the Jewish people.

There it is. Obama supports Islam, al-Fatah and Hamas. They all demand that the winner of the 1967 war must be declared the looser. Obama wants the winner to give liberated land back to the looser, who has never supported democracy, human rights and freedom.

Israel liberated Jerusalem from Islamic occupation in 1967. The Jewish districts of Judea and Samaria were liberated in 1967, together with the Golan hight’s .

America wants to give it all back to the most oppressive and violent religious force on Planet Earth. The spiritual tragedy of the Western Civilization is almost completed.

Obama is putting a curse on his own head, and on all Americans. Only by the blood of Jesus this curse can be broken.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Netanyahu rejects suicide proposal from Hussein Obama

  1. This is a spiritual battle. Logically it makes no sense that everyone gangs up on a little country the size of New Jersey. The true democratic state in the Middle East. If the 1967 borders are remade it will leave Israel with a 8-mile strip of defense!!!
    America has betrayed their only true ally in the M.E.
    The 1967 borders removes the control of the temple mount from the Jews.
    Today in the speech it was mentioned that “Christians and Muslims need to work together.”
    Is this not the cry of the pope in interreligious dialogue? Yes, the Pope will be the great “peace-maker” uniting the 3 faiths in Jerusalem.

  2. Pres. O has a lot of gall to give this speech as Netanyahou is walking on the plane to come to Washington. He wants Netanyahou to be on the defense. What a total shame and embarrassment. Netanyahou has already received rude treatment from this administration.

  3. Obama has just betrayed two countries the United States and Israel. Why hasen’t congress called for impeachment hearings? I honestly believe that Obama is a judgement from G’d against this nation. We have allowed Him to be thrown out of the public square and out of our schools, we have given evil a free hand in this country. Our only hope is to repent and turn back to the G’d of Abraham and His son Yeshua. Pray for Israel tonight.

  4. The United States does not want this, its the radical-in-chief and his minions who want it. Please do not lump all Americans with this treasonous admin!

  5. Who is this Obama? Who is he working for? He will doom America. I pray that God have mercy on America and pray for the safety and protection of Israel.

  6. Jesus Christ does not curse his own people even if they live in America. Pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem and the removal of Hussein Obama Yes, it would be great to go somewhere else, but where? Others are in greater trouble than the USA people. Obbama is a son of Satan.

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