Arabian “spring” brought more totalitarian oppression

The kingdom of Bahrain has decisively crushed its popular uprising with the help of Saudi troops.

The Saudi Arabian army invades Bahrain to protect US Interests. The "freedom fighters" are the enemy.

When popular rebellions began erupting around the Middle East earlier this year, the outpouring of democratic fervor was quickly dubbed the Arab Spring, a phrase that captured the heady optimism of what appeared to be a new era of freedom and hope.

But as spring turns to summer, events across the region are taking an altogether darker and more sinister turn, one in which the prospect of a brighter future no longer seems so readily assured.
The kingdom of Bahrain has decisively crushed its popular uprising with the help of Saudi troops.

Now, human rights groups say, authorities there are engaged in a systematic persecution of the mostly Shiite majority that dominated the demonstrations earlier this year.

In Syria, the government headed by President Bashar al-Assad is pursuing a remorseless effort to quell a pro-democracy movement, using tanks and artillery to pound neighborhoods that had participated in demonstrations, and detaining by the thousands whole communities of young men.

In Egypt, deadly sectarian clashes between Christians and Muslims in Cairo have come as a sobering reminder that negative as well as positive forces may be unleashed by the removal of dictatorial governments.

Source: Washington Post

My comment:

The despotic dictators in the Middle East fights back.

While NATO supports people who shout “allah is great” in a bid to remove colonel Gaddafi, other “Islamic freedom fighters” face armies supported by the US.

Bahrain is a good example. Freedom and democracy is not the best for the people of Bahrain, but that the US Naval base is secure.

The US Middle East policy is nothing but double standards and hypocrisy.

Written by Ivar

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