“The people’s first demand is to shut down the embassy and send back the ambassador.”

The Muslim Brotherhood attacks the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, and demands the destruction of the Jewish state.

The so-called “Democratic forces” in Egypt attacked the Israeli Embassy in Cairo Sunday.  The Islamic mob in Egypt demanded a quick exit of the Israeli Embasador. Such an act would have ended the Diplomatic relations between the two countries. and brought Israel is the brink of war with the Arabian World.

Hundreds had been gathering before the Israeli embassy in Cairo since 9am carrying Palestinian flags and chanting “the people want to dismantle Israel.” By 4pm, the number of protesters had reached a couple of thousand, as more protesters joined the demonstration held to mark the Palestinian Nakba Day.

Answering an Arab wide call to besiege Israel at its borders, hundreds in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan demonstrated calling for Palestinian refugees’ right of return. While Egyptians were prevented from reaching their border after the country’s ruling military council gave orders to seal off Sinai two days before 15 May, hundreds besieged Israel’s Cairo embassy instead.

Calls to demonstrate at the embassy began spreading more than a month ago. University Bridge in front of the embassy was packed with protesters standing on either side while young participants organised traffic to make way for cars to pass through the demonstration. A huge banner held at the opposite side of the street from where the embassy is located read: “I am an Egyptian with the Intifada” and beside it tens carried a large Palestinian flag.

Source: Ahram.org.

My comment:

The so-called “democratic revolution” in Egypt seems to be less than democratic, and seems to have absolutely nothing to do with a desire to achieve “peace”.

Keep in mind that even in the run up to World War II, non of the European nations attacked diplomatic mansions and Ambassadors, but kept diplomatic cancels open.

The barbaric Muslim brotherhood have absolutely no respect for humanity, nor rules and regulations. The only law they know is Sharia, and the rule of Islam.

Written by Ivar