Gaza flotilla scheduled for late June

An “aid flotilla” will depart from Turkey towards Gaza Strip in the third week of June.

The last "aid flotilla" to supply Hamas came from Turkey. The next is at the planning stages.

Coalition of pro-Palestinian groups announces date after meeting in Paris. Marseille said to be one of various European departure points for convoy‬‬

An aid flotilla will depart for the Gaza Strip in the third week of June, just over a year after a similar flotilla was raided by Israeli forces, leaving nine people dead on a Turkish boat, activists said Monday.

A coalition of pro-Palestinian groups, most of them based in Europe, announced the date in a statement after a meeting in Paris. The unfolding plans for the new flotilla set up a possible confrontation with Israel, which has vowed to stop any attempt to breach its sea blockade of Gaza.

Activists had originally planned to depart on May 31, the anniversary of the botched Israeli commando raid. The delayed departure appears at least partly related to Turkey’s plans for parliamentary elections on June 12.


My comment:

NATO member Turkey has become a launch pad for Islamic terrorism towards the Jewish people.

Turkish Prime Minister Edrogan is one of the main sponsors of Islamic terrorism.

To secure the victory of the Islamic forces in the next election in Ankara, the departure has been delayed to after the election.

Than the media-attack on Israel can be used for political propaganda.

And when the Israeli navy has stopped the Islamist from giving supplies to Hamas, the whole World will condemn the Jewish state.

 Luke 21:23
How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

What would the World have done if Israel had sent a aid-convoy in a bid to liberate Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus?

In anyone concerned about human rights violations, military occupations and dictatorship conducted and promoted by NATO-member Turkey?

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Gaza flotilla scheduled for late June

  1. It doesn’t matter because the people of Turkey will be the first to denounce pagan islamic belief and convert and submit to our Lord. The Osman empire collapsed because it was build upon that religion. Kemal tried to liberate his nation from the evils of Islam. Erdogan is on a mission to rebuild political islam. He would fail when his people find out about their deceit by islamic aggression and return to their Byzantine Christian origins.

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