US Air Force refuse to help Israel with jet fuel contamination

American Air Force lab in Germany refused to help Israel not testing contaminated Jet fuel.  

The US Air force delined an Israeli request for help out of a jet fuel crisis.

Discovery of ‘greasy’ liquid in fuel had led to mass disruptions at Ben-Gurion last week, with takeoffs halted and incoming flights diverted.

When Israel requested the US Air fore for help, and conduct a test of the contaminated fuel, the US Military declined. The official answer was that they only deal with military matters and does not conduct experiments for Israel.

Israel’s domestic flights on Sunday resumed the use of fuel that had been suspected of contamination, after tests showed that the fuel contains no hazardous materials.

The decision was made after several tests carried out on a plane belonging to El Al airlines concluded that the fuel contains no dangerous elements and could be used for flights.

A refinery in Haifa and a laboratory in Ashdod have found that the fuel – which contains what have been described as “greasy liquid parts” – is fit for use. The Israeli Institute for Energy and the Environment has also conducted tests, and its results are pending.

Of the 23 outgoing flights that were held up Thursday, 11 remained on the ground Friday morning. In some cases the flights had to be scratched because their crews had already reached their work limits and had to rest before they could fly again. El Al, for example, was forced to cancel 20 domestic and international flights as a result of the refueling suspension.

Source: Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

My comment:

The contamination of yet fuel in Israel is surely an attack on the Jewish state.

To be able to avoid a complete halt of air traffic, Israel had to open its emergency reserves of yet fuel.

That the US Military refused to help Israel, is an alarming end time sign, of Washington doing anything to please Islam.

Just reflect on this:

If the US Air Operations in the Middle East was halted, and Israel refused to help the United States, what would have happened next?

Is this the way to treat a friend?

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “US Air Force refuse to help Israel with jet fuel contamination

  1. When a friend like Israel requests our help….then its our job without a moment of consideration to come to the AID of Israel

  2. Hello,I posted a comment earlier to-day but it has not been included.Why is this? as I am totally supportive of Israel and your site.Could you please explain? E.C.

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