Arab journalist: Gaza’s problem is not Israel

Oppression felt by local Arab Palestinians in Gaza is caused by fellow Arabs, and not Israel.

A kite festival on the beach, in an area where people is supposed not to have enough food?

This is a report from a journalist i Egypt’s Al-Ahram daily newspaper.

The article confirmed what a small handful of Western reporters have had the integrity to reveal of late: Gaza really isn’t under siege, and that any oppression felt by local Arab Palestinians is caused by fellow Arabs, and not Israel.

In stark contrast to regular Western media reports of widespread deprivation and destitution in Gaza, Ashraf Abu al-Houl reported that “a sense of absolute prosperity prevails, as manifested by the grand resorts along and near Gaza’s coast.”

Al-Houl also wrote that “the sight of the merchandise and luxuries filling Gaza shops amazed me.“Not only that, but al-Houl quickly discovered that most goods can be bought in Gaza for much cheaper than in Egypt because in Gaza “supply is much greater than demand.”

In other words, Israel is not causing an economic or humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

If there is no food in town, I guess its better to chill out on the beach?

There is reports of widespread poverty in Gaza. But this is the product of corruption and a wide gap between the “haves” and “have-nots.”

Al-Houl interviewed political activist Mustafa Ibrahim, who noted that around 20 percent of Gazans control nearly all the wealth in the territory, and nearly all of them are affiliated closely with the ruling Hamas movement. The wealthy Gazans invest heavily in the leisure industry and spend lavishly, while charging outrageous fees for basic luxuries like visiting local beaches.

Among the rest of the population, unemployment is approximately 45 percent. Those those are the Gazans constantly featured by the Western media as the products of so-called “Israeli oppression.”

Translation of the article was provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today

My comment:

When an Arab raise accusations against a Jew, it is all but normal. But if an Arab journalist try to tell us that the Jews are not the culprits, we better pay attention.

What is the situation in Gaza?

Is it possible that the TV-images we receive only display the”political correctness”, selected to defame Israel?

Would Hamas ever get International support for their Jihad against Israel, if the World did not believe there was a humanitarian crisis in Gaza?

There has to be some rubble here and there, so the media will buy the Islamic story.

The images from Darfur in Sudan, is an example of a Humanitarian crisis, created by an Islamic state.

What will be natural side effects of a humanitarian crisis? How will the misery manifest it self in the culture and society?

Can there be luxury, peace, joy on the beaches of a society “crippled” by a claimed humanitarian crisis?

Again, the truth lies in the pudding. Lets take a look at some fresh pictures, from the beaches of Gaza. Do not look at each single picture. But try to get the full picture.

These kids have been fed by United Nations since 1967. It looks they have lots of energy.
The kids of Gaza jumps from the Humanitarian crisis into the ocean.
On empty stomach, they enjoy and playing in the water.
Even the police horses in Gaza seems to be having enough food and proper shelters.
It does not seems to be a dogs life on the beaches of Gaza.
Look at this old black and white picture. Before Israel was forced to leave Gaza, even the females could play football.
During a humanitarian crisis, civil society and government institutions collapses. But fisheries and business in Gaza seems to prosper for those who support Hamas.
An Hamas summer camp on the beach. There seems to be no lack of anything.
In the midst of a claimed to be Humanitarian crisis, there seems to be people living like every day is a feast.

First published: 31.07.2010.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Arab journalist: Gaza’s problem is not Israel

    1. Dear Saladin

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Very few Jews denies that there is sufferings in Gaza. There were sufferings in Gaza during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, and during British rule that ended in 1948. What many Muslims fail to explain, is why there were sufferings in Gaza during the Egyptian occupation from 1948 to 1967?

      If Gaza was liberated in those 19 years, Gaza should regain independence by rejoining Egypt.

      If Gaza was not liberated in those 19 years, the truth is that there have never been a statehood on this small piece of land, now ruled by the most oppressive and brutal Islamic regimes the World has ever seen.

  1. I actually found the commentary funny- below each pictures.

    But a comment to Saladin: There is suffering everywhere in this world. How about Africa? Where food is lacking and proper medical care?

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