Only 30 per cent of Arabs in East Jerusalem wants to become citizens of a “Palestinian state”.

A strong IDF is the best guarante for peace in israel and the Middle East.

This finding is a part of a Tel Aviv University conference hosted by its International Conflict Resolution Program. It has a striking finding in regarded to the residents’ citizenship preference, after a two-state solution  is reached:

When asked if they preferred to become citizens of Palestine or remain citizens of Israel, only 30 per cent will chose “Palestinian citizenship”.

Thirty five percent chose Israeli citizenship and 35 per cent declined to answer or said they didn’t know.

The survey sampled 1,039 Arab Palestinians living in all 19 neighborhoods of east Jerusalem, and was supervised by Dr. David Pollock.


My comment:

Anyone who have been in East Jerusalem knows that the Muslims who live there are free citizens.

They have Israeli passports, runs businesses, have properties and the highest income among Muslims in the whole Middle East.

They have been blessed by Zionism, and Jews who came back home to the land of their forefathers. Within 62 years, Jews and Arabs together has built the most modern and free state in the region. The restoration of Zion has been done under Jewish supervision and leadership.

Islam do not want Arabs to live in peace and prosperity in societies controlled by a Jewish majority.  Many Arab Palestinians knows that Islamic Jihad will not bring them anything good.

That is why they will never accept a “a Palestinian citizenship”, but rather move into from East Jerusalem into Jewish majority populated areas. There will be an exodus from East Jerusalem, a new refugee problems created by Islam and United Nations.

Arabs living in East Jerusalem will do all it takes to remain Israeli citizens if the disaster zone called ‘Palestine” ever will see the light of day and become a statehood.

Written by Ivar