Oslo Church Dean: Holocaust deniar Al-Qaradawi “important”

Oslo Dean wants Norway to open the doors to Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Oslo Cathedral’s Dean, Olav Dag Hauge wants the Muslims to build their religion in Norway.

The Dean of Oslo Cathedral has described controversial Islamic scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi as “an important person” who Norwegians “should be open to” coming to the country.

A Turkish newspaper reported on Thursday that al-Qaradawi, who has been accused of Holocaust denial, discrimination against women and homosexuals, and support for terrorism, would be coming to Norway.

He will be invited as a part of a project to help Muslims in the far north of the country develop a method for calculating prayer times during seasons of all-day sun and all-day darkness.

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Those inviting him, the Norwegian Islamic Foundation, claimed that al-Qaradawi would instead come for a seminar or conference, but could not give further details.

Oslo Cathedral’s Dean, Olav Dag Hauge, met al-Qaradawi in 2006 in Qatar as part of a meeting during the Muhammed cartoon scandal.

While stating that he himself would not have invited the cleric to Norway, Hauge told Vårt Land that al-Qaradawi “is an important person for groups in the Islamic world, and also for some in Norway.”

He suggested that “as a free country, we should be open to his coming here if he comes here in a lawful way and does not break the rules that we have set.”

The church leader added that it would be “important that he experience” the freedom of speech and freedom of the press seen in Norway, which had helped “Muslims in the Norway develop their own religion.”

He also promised to “meet al-Qaradawi with clear speech” if he “comes forward with any of his awful viewpoints on Israel or the holocaust.”

Source: News In English

My comment:

Should a Christian nation, invite and support Islam to expand on their territory?

This seems to be the idea of the leadership in the Lutheran State Church in Norway.

To endorse the invitation of al-Qaradawi is a grave mistake. Because the Muslim Brotherhood will not give permission to Christianity expanding in the Muslim World.

So allow such hate-preachers like al-Qaradawi  to spread their venom, is wickedness. Priest and pastors who endorse such preachers, have made the devil their father. They might claim to know “Jesus”, but are only doing the devils work in the name of Christianity.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Oslo Church Dean: Holocaust deniar Al-Qaradawi “important”

  1. hello sir/madam, i will like to visit our church in Norway because we have to do Good work i spent all my life time to pray and speak to anode people about God goodness. i have being in the uk last year i do good work, i hope for our invition.

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