Bin Laden most popular among Arab Palestinians

Osama Bin Laden received his highest level of support among Muslims in the Arab Palestinian territories.

Many Israeli have correctly claimed that Yasser Arafat and Osama Bin Laden were spiritual brothers.

Among the six predominantly Muslim nations recently surveyed by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, bin Laden received his highest level of support among Muslims in the Palestinian territories (34 per cent).

Minorities of Muslims in Indonesia (26 per cent), Egypt (22 per cent) and Jordan (13 per cent) expressed confidence in bin Laden, while he has almost no support among Turkish (3 per cent) or Lebanese Muslims (1 per cent).

Source: Pew Research Center

My comment:

What a relief….Only 22 percent of Muslims in Egypt supported Osama Bin Laden.

The population of Egypt is 80 million. 70 millions of them are Muslims. And if its correct that 22 per cent of them supported Osama Bin Laden, only 15 millions Egyptians hailed the Jihad-leader.

It is fascinating that the US and United Kingdom claims only a small minority of confused “fundamentalists” in the Muslim World would support violence and terrorism.

They are wrong. The media claims in cities like Washington and London are not based on the truth, but rather exposes as shocking lack of knowledge about the Muslim World.

That the Arab Palestinians are the strongest supporter of the brutal Islamic killer from Saudi Arabia should not surprise anyone. The Bible says the intruders in Zion will be the most wicked of all people. The “Palestinians” are not a people, but rather a political movement created by the Islamic World as a tool to get Israel deleted from the map. The Arab Palestinians are victims of lies and falsehood, that has its main source in the Koran.

Written by Ivar

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