Seattle: Anti-Israel billboard ads to be removed

Pro-Palestinian group seeking to end US funding of Israel.‬‬

Jew-hate in the form of a call to end support for Israel.

A Seattle group seeking to publish ads calling for an end to US financing of Israel suffered another defeat recently. Last year the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign tried to get ads pointing to “Israel’s war crimes” to run on the sides of buses but they were cancelled.

The Seattle Times reported Sunday that the ad agency has now removed the “softened” message billboards as well.

The new ads showed a Palestinian boy behind a fence with the caption “Equal rights for Palestinians — Stop funding the Israeli military.” The group’s website is also mentioned.

The site states that “under Israeli military occupation, millions of Palestinians live in conditions which closely resemble the apartheid system that existed in South Africa.”

It also claims that Israel is committing war crimes, violating the Geneva Convention by killing innocent people, expanding settlements and maintaining the occupation.

The site also claims that Israel carried out “ethnic cleansing” in 1948 and continues to do so today.


My comment:

To call Israel an Apartheid state is grave injustice to the Jewish people.

While the Apartheid was minority rule that suppress a large majority, the state of Israel is a democracy. In every election, the majority voters can change the government.

In South Africa, the Apartheid regime replaced democracy. The majority of the people of South Africa was robbed from their right to vote.

During the Apartheid rule in Johannesburg, the majority of the people were also denied their right to own properties. Their right to work was also limited. Their “mistake”:  They were born into this World with a black color on their skin.

Israel is the radical opposite of Apartheid.  In Israel there is two million Muslims with full Israeli citizenship. All these Israeli Arabs live in a free and democratic society with the same democratic rights as five million Jews.

Now, be wise. If you call Israel an Apartheid state, you are a liar. And liars shall not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do not be deceived by Islam, neither by confused people who claim to be “Christians”, but do harm them Jewish statehood by their endless calls to boycotts of Israel.

Written by Ivar

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