Osama lived luxury life next to Pakistani Military adademy

U.S. troops were just 800 yards from Osama Bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound during a training rotation in Pakistan in 2008.

The safe house of Obama was protected by the Pakistany army intelligence.

The embarrassing proof that some of America’s best military men were so close to the world’s most wanted terrorist was found buried in diplomatic cables released by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.

Mention of Abbottabad is sparse in the cables – but when it is, the significance is chilling, particularly as other information indicates the U.S. may have been on the path that would lead them to Bin Laden as early as 2008.

In 2008, the WikiLeaks documents reveal, a meeting was held in Washington between then-U.S. deputy secretary of state, John Negroponte, and Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

The highest ranked Pakistani Generals and US officers held meetings 800 meters from Osamas perfect hideout.

The pair were discussing co-operation on security between their two countries, according to the account of the meeting in the WikiLeaks files. Both agreed there were not enough resources to ease their security fears.

At that point, Pakistan’s national security advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani, referred gratefully to the plan to bring U.S. troops to Abottabad – home to Pakistan’s military academy, the country’s equivalent of America’s West Point or Britain’s Sandhurst.

The troops were to visit to help train Pakistan forces – an initiative similar to the one carried out by Nato in Afghanistan, where troops were training Afghan forces to handle the country’s security in preparation for the day Western forces would leave the country.

Hiding inside a Pakistani Military "security zone".

‘Durrani pledged Pakistan’s support for the U.S. Training-of-Trainers for the Frontier Corps starting in Abottabad in October,’ the report read, according to the Guardian newspaper, which has seen the WikiLeaks cables.

The academy is just 800 yards – less than half a mile – from where the compound where Osama Bin Laden lived for six years. By that time American agents were already on the trail on Bin Laden, scouring the country for whispers of the terror chief through his chief courier.

Source: Daily Mail.

My comment:

Why did it take 10 years to capture Osama Bin Laden?

Because he was living a life of luxury in a “Safe House”, just 800 meters from the Pakistani Military Academy.

Its amazing that anyone can even suggest, that the Pakistani Military Intelligence service (ISI) did not know who was living in the house next to one of Pakistans best guarded military area.

Why did the ISI blow the cover of Osama?

If Osama was on his dying beds of kidney failure, He would be more worth dead than alive.  Some high Pakistani officials took the money Washington offered. 50 million US dollar or so. For this price the ISI gave the US navy seal help to fake an encounter.

Up as the winner, comes Obama. Perfect timing for an Islamic friendly US President who is about to run for re-election.

And is Osama Bin Laden really dead?

Or is everything just staged?

Can someone please publish a picture of the dead body?

Written by Ivar

11 thoughts on “Osama lived luxury life next to Pakistani Military adademy

  1. People are starting to ask whether Osama was really killed or whether he’d died a few years back. (Conspiracy abounds!) A lady calling a radio station said how could the US forces finish up a battle and gather up all they needed to in 40 minutes? Well, these are elite forces and this is what they are trained to do. But another good question she raised was, why didn’t the Pakistan military base, so close by, not come to see what all the shooting was about? So perhaps they were told to ‘stand aside’.

    1. Dear Lee.


      If Osama Bin Laden was living 800 meters from the walls of the Pentagon, and a Pakistani Military helicopter came to raid that flat:

      Would the Pentagon not act within 40 minutes to a firefight, next to the walls of the most secure place military place in the US?

      Is there anyone who can not smell the fish in this story?

    2. Dear Lee.


      First, the White House said Osama was armed. Now they claim He was not armed.

      Second: The US found out in August 2010, that Osama might be hiding 800 meter from the Pakistani Military Academy. And 8 (EIGHT) mounts later, they raided the compound. And completely without the knowledge of the Pakistani army?

      What about bombing that compound in the next 5 minutes after they had got the confirmation?

      What about the Pentagon calling up the general running the Pakistani Military Academy?

      May be, they could have sent a few men down the road, and arrested Osama Bin Laden?

      What if Osama and his men was inside this compound, to plot to blow up the whole Pakistani Military academy?

      And the US did not tell the top generals in the Pakistani military, that they had found Osama, hiding just outside their garden wall?

      Dos the CIA story purchased by the media, really make sense?

      What about the 40 minute fire fight, with a handful of men and some females, that lead to the killing of a not armed Osama?

      Did the US Navy seals do this job, while the Pakistani military kept on sleeping next door?

      1. Dear Lee.

        The refusal to release “gruesome” pictures of a not armed Osama…

        If Osama was not armed, one single bullet to the head would have been enough to silence Obama. The Navy seal are professional “killers”.

        But if Osama blew him self up, triggered a bomb, the US did not bury the man in the Indian Ocean. But entered a room, and collected some pieces or fragments of him.

        Why is there no picture of Osama, with a single bullet hole in his head, getting embalmed for the sea burial?

        This is again contradictions. When you lie, your lies will be exposed.

  2. Ivar
    I’m with you on this
    Sure getting a lot of mixed messages
    and the media elites are in on it.
    When I first heard the news Sunday eve. at 11 pm
    I looked at my wife and said I don’t think I can believe based on what i believe about this administration.

    1. Dear Todd.


      If you live in a mafia environment, it is always safe to stay as closed you can to the mafia boss. Osama found the safe house, next door to the top Islamic Pakistani generals. Unfortunately these generals are very corrupt. Since Al Quada was close to bankrupt, it looks like the offer from the CIA became to tempting.

      Osama might even have died long ago. A decoy might have been put up to create the perfect fake encounter for the navy seals. Its not difficult to crate an “Osama lookalike”. Obama needed to get some added value on all the money that has been spent “to find” the Worlds most wanted man.

      India has always laughed about the Americans, and their sponsorship of Islamic forces in Pakistan. India has for many years claimed that the ISI has hidden Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. Amazingly, He was hiding almost under the generals own dining tables.

  3. There were pictures of Osama carrying a dialysis machine on his back 8 years ago in the mountains for hsi kidneys. Can a man survive on dialysis for that long in a third world country?

  4. It does appear that the CIA did pay out for the info on bin Laden’s whereabouts. Also it appears that the reason the Pakistan government was not informed was due to leaks.
    But I have been told that the Seals do have weaponry that have suppressors as well as stun grenades – which are intended to be thrown into enclosed spaces to distract and temporarily incapacitate enemy personnel and the assault element is attempting to achieve surprise.
    I guess the truth will one day (!) come out. My fear is the repercussions that will occur.

  5. Even I feel there is something fishy about this operation. Osama Bin Laden was a CKD patient and on dialysis. Is it possible for him to live in that mansion without the help of Doctors and can such a person run from place to place like a fugitive ? Why was the body disposed of so soon and no pictures released bcoz I dont expect his pic to be gruesome when only a bullet was shot in his head.

    1. Dear Pamela

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      There are only two main options on the table.

      1. Osama Bin Laden is dead.

      2. Osama Bin Laden is alive.

      Lets take a look at the first option.

      1. If Osama Bin Laden is dead, please take the blood away from his body, and let a plastic doctor do some stitches and present Him for a nice photo. That would make sense. No more doubt that He is dead. But that seems to not be possible. The body of a Muslim that might have been a decoy or a “look alike” has been dumped in the Indian ocean.

      2 Osama Bin laden is alive. This is not a likely possibility. because if he appears on TV or a video with a small sign of a date beyond the date Obama claimed Osama was shoot, the US President will become an impeached and again ordinary citizen quite quickly. A laughing stock for the next generations to come.

      There is nevertheless a slim chance that Osama is alive in US custody, beyond the chance of ever communicating to the World again. That is not very likely. If so, a secure military base outside of the US, with dialysis machines, is the most likely location.

      The most likely possibility is that Osama is in deed dead. But we have not been told the truth about when He died, and how he died. The key lies with the Pakistani CIA, the ISI, who protected Him, and took a huge amount of cash to let President Obama and his men fake an encounter at a Pakistani military center just north of Islamabad. It was just too perfect to be true.

  6. The only thing that matters is the message of Christ in the Word of God.

    He is the redeemer of mankind and he can relinquish us from the debt of our sinfulness. If we then accept Christ as our lord and redeemer, we will be present at the trumpet call and spend eternity in the presence of God in his kingdom. Do it now before it’s too late !!!

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