Pressure on Israel to accept Nazi-state in the Middle East

Israeli officials fear Europe opting to give joint Hamas-Fatah government chance.‬‬

Abu Mazen, alias "Mahmoud Abbas" is a former Islamic PLO terrorist, who now enjoy full support in the White House.

The EU will soon resume pressure on Israel to present plan for peace talks. US support expected to wane by PA statehood declaration in September‬‬

Though Israeli officials had hoped the truce agreement between Hamas and Fatah would lessen international pressure for peace talks, many now fear world leaders – especially in Europe – will soon put the ball back in Israel’s court.

“It seems that it has not been easy convincing the Europeans to adopt the Israeli tack regarding Hamas as a partner in the Palestinian government,” one state official told Ynet Saturday evening.


My comment:

One of the problem with Nazi-Germany, was that Hitler did not accept the borders set in Europe. He wanted them “re-negotiated”.

That is exactly the political agenda on the Hamas.

Hitler’s did not accept Austria’s right to exist. It was suppose to be a part of “Germany” 15th of March 1938, Austria was no more.

This is the exact political agenda on the Hamas. There shall be no Israel. Only ‘Palestine”.

In the first days of October 1938, Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia, was “liberated” by Nazi-Germany.  The majority of people living there, claimed to be “germans”. Later on the whole of Czechoslovakia was captured, and non-Germans were persecuted and killed. The whole land of the Czech people were stolen.

This is the exact political agenda on the Hamas. In 2007, “Gaza” was liberated by Jihad. The people who live in this area claims to be “Palestinians”.  Hamas want to use this “Sudetenland” as a base for destroying the whole of Israel. The land of the Jews is about to be stolen.

That the West can not see the Historical parallels between the rise of Nazism and radical Islam, is a spiritual tragedy.  When the Messiah Jesus return the present Western leaders will be punished for allowing unlimited evil again to raise against the Jewish people. History repeats it self.

Written by Ivar

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